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Anthony Farmer holds his graduation cap Friday afternoon outside the Yellowstone Ballroom in the Wyoming Union after the Multicultural Graduation Ceremony. For his cap, Farmer chose a quote from his hero, John F. Kennedy, that reflects his advocacy for education. SHANNON BRODERICK/Boomerang photographer

Between hiking, climbing, playing guitar and running a YouTube channel, Anthony Farmer somehow found time to intern in Washington, D.C., for Sen. Mike Enzi, R-Wyoming, study abroad in Scotland and graduate from the University of Wyoming with dual degrees in economics and political science.

In April, he won the Tobin Memorial Award, making him UW’s outstanding graduating man for 2017.

“He deserved it, quite frankly,” said David Finnoff, UW associate professor of economics. “He has provided a great example (for) our undergraduates on how to conduct themselves and what they can be.”

Economics is a difficult degree program, Finnoff said, but Farmer makes it look easy.

“He is able to literally distill these economic principles and he’s able to apply them in these real world settings using language that anyone can understand,” Finnoff said. “And he does it in a really calm, concise way that makes you go ‘that’s really obvious’ even when it’s not.”

Those skills might come in handy working in the public sector, as Farmer said he hopes to do.

“I hope to be a policy analyst of some type, looking at the impacts that potential public policy could have on societies or on the nation,” he said. “I’d be perfectly happy working on the state or federal level, wherever I can help.”

Farmer added he could see himself running for public office one day, but all of that is a long way off.

Farmer will begin work on his master’s degree in political science in the fall, and he said he would like to work on a Ph.D., but that, too, might be a long way off.

“I might take some time off to do some military service, because I’ve always wanted to do that,” he said. “That would be the time, before I get too old and my bones start aching.”

Finnoff said Farmer’s aptitude was limitless, given how quickly he can understand difficult concepts and how clearly he can speak and write.

“It’s a really powerful set of skills to have,” Finnoff said. “I really think he’ll do well at whatever he ends up deciding he actually wants to do. All this extra stuff and killing it in the classroom? That’s really impressive stuff.”

UW has always been Farmer’s home. His parents were UW students, just finishing their graduate degrees, when he was born, so he grew up familiar with the campus and the university community.

“I really, really like UW, how the community is so friendly and you can pretty much know anyone through one or two degrees of friends,” he said. “People get out and they meet each other and they take care of each other. So, I really, really appreciate UW even though it does get freezing in the winters.”

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