More rain on the way

Brett Befus, left, holds an umbrella over himself and Mary Katherine Scott on Friday afternoon as they walk through the Downtown Laramie Farmer’s Market during a rain shower.

SHANNON BRODERICK/Boomerang photographer

With rain drenching the city nearly every afternoon this week, Laramie residents could see more of the same heading into the weekend, National Weather Service Meteorologist Steve Rubin said.

“It should stay moist through Tuesday,” Rubin said. “Then starting Wednesday, it should dry out and warm up a bit.”

The recent increase in precipitation was caused by flow of air coming up from the Pacific Ocean around the Baja California Peninsula, he said.

“It’s not all that unusual,” Rubin explained. “August is a month we tend to get a lot of precipitation. It is the time of year when we get a monsoon. It’s basically a wind switch.”

While not out of the norm, the meteorologist said recent rains did provide above-average rainfall in the first 10 days of August.

“(Laramie has) had measurable rain on six of 10 days,” Rubin said. “There’s a pretty good chance for showers and thunderstorms this weekend and next week as well.”

As of press time Friday, he said Laramie received about 1 inch of measureable rainfall, which was twice the average.

Despite the puddles accumulating in parking lots and alleys across Laramie, Rubin said the flood danger was low.

“We’ve only seen rain a little above normal,” he said.

“So right now, there’s not many flooding concerns. At the rate we’re getting rain now, flooding probably won’t be a problem unless we get a slow-moving thunderstorm.”

Storms moving slower than 10 mph can create problems by dumping large amounts of precipitation in small areas during a short period of time.

“When you have stronger thunderstorms with lots of rain moving only about 5-10 miles an hour, it can cause problems,” Rubin said. “Later next week, it looks like you’ll still have a chance for thunderstorms, but they’ll be more spread out, and it should get into the 80s.”

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