A 2-day process

Andie Meyer, an administrative assistant with the Albany County Sheriff’s Office, participates in the physical portion of the deputy’s test Tuesday afternoon at the Albany County Detention Center as Sgt. Nicole Trampe watches.

SHANNON BRODERICK/Boomerang photographer

The Albany County Sheriffs Office could lose half its applicants because of Wyoming law enforcement physical fitness standards, Sheriff Dave O’Malley said.

“We often have people come here from long distances and fail the physical fitness portion of it,” O’Malley said. “We can lose up to 50 percent (of participants) on the physical fitness test. For the most part if you get through the physical fitness, most of our candidates pass the written.”

He said the test is comprised of a written exam — covering knowledge of subjects such as mathematics, spelling and grammar — a fitness exam and a board interview.

After the applicants go through the interview, the board ranks all the participants based on their interviews and presents the results to the sheriff for consideration.

“We (usually) start out doing the physical fitness portion of the test — it is pass/fail — if you fail, you are out,” O’Malley said. “On (Saturday), they will do an oral board interview with those who have passed the written and physical. They will go in front of a panel of deputies and civilians — a panel of five or six people — that ask questions pertinent to law enforcement positions.”

Deputies often leave the office after a couple of years to work elsewhere he said. O’Malley said when deputies employment has ended, the office uses the list of applicants from the test to fill the position.

“We have a lot of people that go to other law enforcement agencies for varying reasons,” O’Malley said. “You have folks that get into this business, and then in a year or two realize that it’s really not for them.”

O’Malley said he has seen people take the test for several reasons.

“Some people test for different reasons — others really have a desire to be in law enforcement for one reason or another,” O’Malley said. “Then there are those that just need a job, and they are not sure. That’s how I was when I started. I needed a job, and I didn’t know if it was something I was going to like, and apparently, it got under my skin.”

O’Malley said it is not too late for people who are interested in working for the Sheriff’s Office to apply for a position and participate in the exam, he said.

The fitness test is scheduled for 6 p.m. today, meeting at the Albany County Detention Center and would continue Saturday to see if the applicants are qualified to be part of the office, he said.

“They can go online to the county website and go to the sheriff’s information and there is a personal history question listed there and an application,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, you can have somebody that drops in that doesn’t have their paperwork all together yet can go through the testing and if they are successful we could still consider that.”

Go to www.co.albany.wy.us/sheriff.aspx for more information.

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