Sales tax election, biennium budget, alcohol catering on agenda

As the Laramie City Council prepares to review the city’s biennium budget, Mayor Andi Summerville said a state funding methodology known as the Madden Formula could throw kinks into the process.

“Although we’ve got some stability in direct distribution from the state, we’re uncertain about the Madden Formula,” Summerville said. “It resets each August, so it makes it very hard to plan for in a budget.”

The council is slated to host work sessions Monday and Wednesday, regarding the city’s budget and upcoming sales tax election.

“This will be a two-year budget for the city,” Summerville said. “The city manager and staff have spent considerable time putting together budget recommendations for the council, and we’ll start looking at those.”

The two work sessions could be the first of many as the council receives reports from each of the city’s departments and deliberates how the continually shrinking budget should be allocated.

“Especially when we are doing the two-year budget, there is a tremendous amount of information to go through,” Summerville said. “We have a number of work sessions through the next few weeks, and we’ll add or subtract meetings as needed.”

The council could approve the final biennium budget in mid-June, she said.

On Tuesday, the council is scheduled to host regular meeting and discuss a previously postponed reading of a proposed ordinance. The ordinance could clarify the city’s regulations for acquiring malt beverage and alcohol-catering permits.

“We had some postponements earlier this month because we didn’t have the staff we needed to have a discussion,” Summerville said. “We will have more time for discussion at this meeting, and hopefully we’ve gotten the council’s questions answered to be able to move this forward.”

The Laramie City Council work sessions are scheduled for 6 p.m. Monday and Wednesday at City Hall, 406 Ivinson Ave.

The council’s regular meeting is scheduled for 6:30 a.m. Tuesday at City Hall.

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