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Riley Wiser, as Robert, is surrounded by his “girlfriends” Tuesday during a scene in “Company” at the Buchanan Center for the Performing Arts.

SHANNON BRODERICK/Boomerang photographer


The Stephen Sondheim musical “Company” is set to close the University of Wyoming Department of Theatre and Dance 2016-2017 season.

The musical is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. April 25-29 on the Buchanan Center for Performing Arts Main Stage. Tickets are $14 for the public, $11 for seniors and $7 for students.

Sean Stone, director of musical theater at UW, is directing the production. UW Symphony Orchestra conductor Michael Griffith is conducting.

“Company,” a 1970 musical comedy, is about a single man in his mid-30s named Bobby, who is afraid to commit to a steady relationship and can’t fathom the idea of marriage. As he celebrates his 35th birthday, he’s surrounded by five married couples and three girlfriends.

Stone said “Company” is known as the first musical without a plot. Instead, the characters examine all aspects of marriage and relationships through a series of scenes.

“It is people sitting around having conversations about marriage and love and relationships and talking about whether it’s better to be single or married,” he said.

One reason Stone chose to bring “Company” to the UW stage was because it calls for a large ensemble cast of strong performers, which he knew he could find among UW students.

“There are a lot of really meaty roles that feature a lot of students very prominently,” he said.

The UW production uses the original 1970s orchestration, which calls for a 28-piece orchestra plus additional singers.

“It’s got this really big, awesome 1970s pop sound that you just don’t get to hear live often,” Stone said.

The UW interpretation of “Company” is set in the present day, not the 1970s, but Stone said the story adapts well to a modern production. The same ideas being discussed by the 30-somethings of last century are under consideration by today’s millennials, he said.

“These kids in their mid-20s are really relating on a personal level with these issues that used to be for people in their mid-30s,” he said.

The production contains adult themes and language not suitable for children.

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