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Albany County residents purchasing or selling a vehicle soon could be some of the first people in Albany County to complete the new Wyoming Certificate of Titles issued through the County Clerk’s Office, Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales said.

“The purpose of the change is to provide more information that is required when a new applicant registers their vehicle,” Gonzales said. “There is a comparable difference, not only is the title larger in size but it allows for more room on the original title for additional information to have everything we need on one document.”

The process to receive or relinquish the title for the vehicle is not changing with the new certificate, she said. The difference between the previous certificate and the new one is the new form has more room for information such as, how much the vehicle was sold for, the vehicle identification number and an extra space for someone to claim ownership of the vehicle, Gonzales said.

“The applicant would come in, we would review and make sure the title is in order so that we could issue a new Wyoming certificate of title to the new owner,” she said. “Once the title is issued, the applicant would go get their Wyoming plates and registration and pay the appropriate sales tax and fees (at the Albany County Treasurer’s Office). Then they will return back to our office so that we can give them their permanent certificate of title.”

Because of the change, Gonzales is prepared to educate people on how to fill out the new form to make the process of granting or abdicating a title on a vehicle as easy as possible for the buyer or seller and the office while keeping their records consistent, she said.

“We will provide the buyer and the seller with information when they come in to do any new transactions with the certificates of title,” Gonzales said. “Education is such an important key, not only for the new purchaser but also for the seller because … we want to be consistent when an individual comes into obtain or release their interest on a title.”

The state issues new certificates after receiving feedback on how to improve the form for the residents and the offices, she said.

“The state goes through a process over a period of time to review and get input, not only from the state itself but, from the Wyoming county clerks as well as the Wyoming county treasurers,” Gonzales said. “Everything that is needed is on one piece of a document, as opposed to having a separate bill of sale or having other paper work that we may need to copy in order to get the information.”

Gonzales said she is expecting the County Clerk’s Office to run out of the old titles soon and at that point, the office would start using the new titles.

“There are already some counties in the state of Wyoming that are starting to use the titles,” she said. “We will begin using this new title if not this week probably the beginning of next week.”

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