ACSD No. 1

Albany County School District No. 1 is in the process of updating its vacation leave policy, which could affect how some district employees accumulate time off and how much time they have off, Superintendent Jubal Yennie said.

“If there is any kind of change we are advocating is that central office administrators, lead team folks, (could go from) 25 vacation days … to 20 vacation days,” Yennie said.

The change in the leave policy would primarily affect administrative assistance, maintenance, technology department employees and other district employees who work for 12 months of the year, he said.

Their time off would be accrued monthly rather than accruing it in one lump sum and would be consistent with how other employees such as teachers, principals and other positions that work for less than 12 months accrue vacation time.

“A piece we found, which was kind of not clear, was we had a distinction between (when some people received time off).” Yennie said. “The idea was we should not have two different ways we do that, so it is easier for payroll to calculate … so now we are just accruing monthly.”

He said the Board of Education originally looked into updating the policy in the spring and decided to make it its own policy after trying to discuss aspects such as sick leave and maternity leave.

“We added a new policy because we took it out of the other personnel leave policy,” Yennie said. “When we started talking through there, we had a whole bunch of different things with the vacation leave that we couldn’t get to last spring, so we said ‘Let’s create a new policy’.”

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