Laramie Middle School

Laramie Middle School parents received a notification from the school Monday about a threat to LMS officials discovered Sunday night through social media and reported to law enforcement. The Laramie Police Department conducted an investigation of the threat and deemed it not credible.

“The LPD investigated the supposed threats received concerning Laramie (Middle) School,” LPD PSAT Administrator Steve Morgan said. “After a full investigation, it was determined that the threats were unfounded.”

He and LPD Chief Dale Stalder were unable to provide information about the threat.

“The best I can (say at this point) is a school resources officer received some concerns from the school, that there was an unspecified threat, and the investigation was conducted,” Morgan said. “Whatever these unspecified threats were, they were found to be not events.”

ACSD No. 1 Superintendant Jubal Yennie said the school district informed middle school parents about the threat through an email notification at about 8:45 a.m. Monday and followed it with a text message notification minutes later. He said the school district sent out the notification after several community members inquired about the threat.

“The phone calls we were getting (indicated) people were just confused from what was going on, rather than the safety,” Yennie said. “There could be any number of things that happened that we have dealt with that it wouldn’t be appropriate to notify folks because it probably would cause more alarm than is necessary.”

Yennie said school district employees were informed of the threat and plans to ensure students safety were made.

“My understanding is this happened on social media, some information at around 11:30 (p.m.) at night before, school administrators got together, called LPD,” he said. “A plan (was put in place) for the following morning to make sure we didn’t have any issues that came up from anything that might be portrayed on that message.”

Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said people responsible for threats against schools could face criminal charges, depending on the nature of the threat and the targets of it.

“In Wyoming — depending on the type of threat that was made — there are different criminal offences that may come into play,” she said. “If they were threatening to commit a violent felony in a place of a building, that is known in Wyoming as terroristic threats under Wyoming statute.”

Because the Albany County Attorney’s Office did not have information about the threat, Trent was unable to state what criminal charges, if any, would be filled for the incident at the middle school.

“We do not know any of the information underlying the threat and/or what it was that to lead to their investigation,” Trent said. “Without that underlying information, it is hard for me to provide (information for) if a crime was committed and if there was a crime committed.”

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