Trump, Cheney lead in respective Wyoming races

University of Wyoming student Sean Feehan generally identifies as Republican, but this year, he is voting for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president rather than Republican candidate Donald Trump.

“I disagree with Clinton on many things, but I can at least respect her life of service and expect her to lead our country properly,” Feehan said. “I don’t feel safe with Donald Trump running the country I live in.”

But Feehan is likely an outlier in the Cowboy State. A recent study released by the UW Political Science Department shows Trump is ahead of Clinton by leaps and bounds.

“Since the voter dissatisfaction crosses party lines, with both Republicans and Democrats unhappy with their choices, it isn’t surprising that the likely voters are dividing along traditional party lines in the state,” UW professor of political science and survey director Jim King said.

Although Trump has fallen in national polls, the study showed him ahead of Clinton by 38 percent in the Republican-majority state of Wyoming.

“The ups and downs of the national campaign might affect Trump’s support on the margins, but won’t change the outcome of the vote in the state,” King said.

The study did reveal 59 percent of Wyomingites are voting “in opposition to a candidate.” Of the 722 residents surveyed, three-fourths said both the Democrat and Republican presidential nominees dissatisfy them.

The study also reported Republican Liz Cheney ahead of Democrat Ryan Greene by 16 percent in the race for U.S. House of Representatives.

“It could not be more clear that Liz is the candidate best prepared to bring attention to Wyoming’s needs in congress, and lead an effort to defend our freedom, our economy, our borders and our constitutional rights,” Cheney Campaign Manager Bill Novotny said.

Joe Barbuto, Greene campaign operations director, said the study does not worry the campaign. After the public debate last week, Barbuto said the campaign has “experienced a massive boost in support from Republicans.”

“The debate encouraged all of us at the Greene campaign,” he said. “The vice president’s daughter could not tell voters why her life in the D.C. Metro area and career in the Federal Government made her the ‘right’ choice for Wyoming.”

Although Wyoming Democrats and Republicans are strongly supporting Greene and Cheney, respectively, King said Cheney’s lead in the study does not surprise him.

“In a state where Republicans hold substantial advantage over Democrats, this poll result raises no eyebrows,” he said.

King said he expects the Nov. 8 voting results to closely align with the study unless public’s perceptions of candidates is altered by a major event.

In regards to voters crossing party lines, such as Feehan who is a Republican voting Democrat, Niko Kolis, field organizer for Narina Nunez’s State Senate campaign, said this does seem to be a trend this election cycle.

“I have noticed what appears to be an increase in voters’ propensity to cross party lines,” Kolis said. “Wyoming voters are obviously tired of the status quo.”

Early voting in Wyoming has started and continues through Election Day until 7 p.m. The Albany County Courthouse provides and receives any early voting ballots from within the county. Residents can register and cast their day-of votes Nov. 8 at designated polling locations, which can be determined by going to

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“I disagree with Clinton on many things, but I can at least respect her life of service and expect her to lead our country properly,” Feehan said. “I don’t feel safe with Donald Trump running the country I live in.”

This is Democratic nonsense and not something that any self-respecting Republican, much less a true-blue American would say or write. Hillary Clinton's "life of service" has amounted to implementing what she learned from Saul Alinsky, a 1960's and 70s' social subversive and admirer of "Lucifer." If you don't believe it, just check out his book Rules for Radicals. Clinton wrote her master's thesis in admiration of him.

As for leading our country "properly," pathological liars are incapable of leading anything properly, which includes their own lives. Hillary Clinton is a pathological liar, as is evidence by the mountains of emails we have seen recently that she attempted to keep hidden from the American public. In the wake of her seemingly endless improprieties is a dead American ambassador (Christopher Stevens and his security detail) in Benghazi, libel and slander of those whom her husband (William Jefferson Clinton) sexually assaulted, millions of dollars pilfered from the people of Haiti that was earmarked to assist them after its last earthquake (2011) and ultimately ended up in Clinton Foundation coffers, the illegal taking of money from a foreign government (Saudi Arabia) that has long record of human rights abuses that, once again, ended up in Clinton Foundation coffers, the obstruction of justice through the deletion of subpoenaed emails, lying before Congressional committee members investigating her illegal private server that housed classified government documents, lying to the FBI and bribing both FBI and DoJ officials to avoid prosecution, and on, and on, and on.

This woman deserves to be the next President of the United States and lead this country as much as any dangerous felon has the right to walk the streets carrying a loaded weapon. In fact, in many ways, the dangerous felon would be more deserving, given that few of them have had the access to damage the country that his woman has in the last 30 years. She belongs in prison, in other words, not in the White House.

As for not feeling safe with Donald Trump running the country, it needs to be asked, between him and Hillary, who wants to preserve your Constitutional right to own a gun? Which of the two candidates vows to rebuild our military and then support the members after they are done serving? Who wants to stop the illegal immigration of either illegal aliens or unvetted immigrants from known countries that support Islamic terrorism? Which of the two candidates wants to extend the boondoggle known as ObamaCare to the point where your own personal health will be at risk, simply because you can't pay the premiums? Who wants to put Supreme Court justices on the bench that will interpret the Constitution after the order of the intent in which it was written, rather than write and impose laws from the bench that will only serve to undermine the Constitution, if not the integrity of the Supreme Court itself? If you answered Hillary to any of these questions, then you obviously do not know her, much less Donald Trump.

Clearly, Donald Trump is not everything and a bag of chips when it comes to moral virtue. He has his flaws, just like everyone does. But compared to Hillary Clinton, he is as clean as the wind-driven snow. A vote for Hillary is a vote for more of the same corruption and destruction of the country that Barak Obama started back in 2008. At least with Donald Trump there is an opportunity to turn the country away from the precipice no rational person wishes to descend.

Therefore, before you step into the voting booth on November 8, stop and think about who has done what to make America what she is. Hillary has been involved in scandal after scandal after scandal all through her life and will only bring all of that baggage with her back the White House (you know, the place she left a few years ago, but not until after she stole over $200,000 worth of furniture on her way out the door). Donald Trump's indiscretions, on the other hand, amount to nothing by comparison, while his accomplishments, as a business person, have been extraordinary. If you vote Hillary, even darker days are ahead than what are being experienced by all today. If you vote Trump, at least there is a glimmer of hope. Vote wisely.


I hope your massive post made you feel better.

Not sure what will make you feel better on election day, however. Keep a brown paper bag nearby in case you hyperventilate.


If that's your best comeback, then I "feel better" knowing that the truth was told and that you'll be voting for Trump come election day.


Really? Hahaha! If you believe that your diatribe influenced my voting decision, then I'm sure Mr. Trump has some real estate for you to purchase.

Don't worry about the price... It's gonna be bigly.

And your joke got a YUGE laugh!


@watch, Feehan and adroit are the "compliant" and "unaware" voters that the Clinton campaign is dependent on.


Like, seriously - you cannot think your way out of a paper bag.

All campaigns depend on voters to cast votes for them. Labelling them "compliant"? Trump is asking his supporters to vote for him. If they do, I guess they are also "compliant."

Unaware of how elections work much?

There truly is no hope for you. You are still the same Emperor, and I'm still your Huckleberry.



The question is, are you a free independent thinker, OR are you a Republican? I don't find the two to be particularly compatible anymore because so many fellow republicans advocate for party-line voting and simply assume that Wyoming's conservative Democrats or others are unacceptable because of party affiliation. The rhetoric of party-line voting is inconsistent with thoughtful independent analysis of candidates. The reality is that it is also inconsistent with great Wyoming lawmakers of the past such as Alan Simpson, Ed Herschler, Mike Sullivan, Jim Geringer, and many others whose philosophy did not preclude working with the "other side" and compromising on issues to move our country and government forward -- You know, the way government is supposed to work.


I also cannot resist the temptation to point out that Trump is also a notorious pathological liar himself. He is also, unfortunately, one who will not work well with others to move our country forward but will simply be an obstructionist, or worse. His persona interests and reputation will trump what is best for the country. That is his philosophy in business and life and adding a notch on his bed post for President is not going to magically change that.


@clipper. You are "adroit" in your analysis. For who in their right mind would wish to be led about by a pathological liar, a fraud, a cheat, and an accomplice to murder?


As opposed to a narcissistic womanizer/sexual predator who lacks the temperament to be Commander-in-Chief?

Someone who would dissolve NATO and encourage nuclear proliferation, while using the most powerful office in the world for his personal vindictive nature?

Your threshold for leadership is awfully high. Are you, too?


You're starting to sound like a Soros paid troll now. Is msnbc training you to be their parrot?


Interesting that you chose to reply to this post instead of the one below...

Why is that?

Because "someone" typed without thinking again.

You will learn.

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