Rowan Shea

Rowan Shea, 9, plays Monday at the Laramie Community Recreation Center’s School-Age Child Care program.

CAMERON WALKER/Boomerang staff

As the weather becomes colder, more of Laramie’s children are looking for things to do inside, and the Laramie Community Recreation Center is offering several indoor activities for Laramie’s youth to keep them active as the temperature drops.

Recreation Manager Jodi Guerin said the recreation center is offering indoor activities such as volleyball and basketball games and bicycle safety classes and other activities to encourage health, wellness and fun for youth during the winter. Guerin said a popular activity is the First Friday Fun Night event, where several activities are open to the public.

“Once a month on the first Friday, we host an event the (recreation center) calls First Friday Fun Night and we set up some of our activities that we don’t always have up for the general public,” Guerin said. “We might have an inflatable obstacle course set up or have water guns in the pool or have an inflatable obstacle course in the pool.”

The center also offers winter-themed activities at the Ice & Events Center for children to come and participate in ice skating lessons and its free skate. Guerin said the ice rink also hosts holiday-themed events children can participate in, such as the Turkey Curling on Saturday and the half-price Halloween skate in October.

“Down at the Ice & Event Center, of course, we have the public skate, which is very popular,” she said. “This isn’t specifically a youth-oriented activity, but we have Turkey Curling going on Saturday … instead of curling with curling stones — like normal — we curl with turkeys instead.”

Guerin said providing Laramie’s youth with opportunities to participate in events such as ice skating, basketball games and the First Friday Fun Nights is important because they help build family relationships along with staying active.

“Certainly staying active and doing things that are engaging are things that keep people healthy and fit,” she said. “It is good to have opportunities for kids to engage in these kinds of active opportunities with family and parents. It is easy to get kind of disengaged from kids and it is an opportunity for them to interact and do things together.”

The center’s after-school program, School-Age Child Care, or SACC, Lead Teacher Darci Rogers said the recreation center provides students in the program with the opportunity to use the facility when the students can’t play outside anymore.

“It is a little bit more challenging because we are restrained to be inside most of the time,” she said.

“With us being at the Recreation Center there is a lot of opportunities for them, like they have the gym, workout rooms, the pool and ice and events so it is a lot easier to provide things to do during that time than it would be at an elementary school.”

Rowan Shea, 9, said he enjoys going to the Recreation Center and being able to have fun even when the weather doesn’t allow him to go outside.

“The (recreation center) is a really fun place to go and the (people there) are really nice,” Shea said.

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