A passenger vehicle struck a 40-year-old woman at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Fourth Street at approximately 11:20 a.m. Tuesday.

Laramie Police Chief Dale Stalder said he could not release information on the injuries or well-being of the victim, but she was taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital by ambulance. Officers at the scene cited the driver for failure to yield, Stalder said.

“Fourth and Grand is a busy intersection,” he said. “It’s not an exceptionally high intersection for crashes, but with all the traffic (there), you can expect accidents on an occasional basis.”

Stalder said no alcohol was involved.

“Once the investigating officers have investigated the crash and either issued citations or not based on their investigation, there isn’t all that much followup that they do,” Stalder said. “That crash investigation is pretty much done at the scene usually, unless it’s a hit and run or something.”

Stalder said he did not know the make and model of the vehicle but said it was a passenger car with Albany County license plates.

He added an investigating officer’s role is usually complete once they submit their crash report to the state of Wyoming, unless the cited individual chooses to contest their citation, in which case there is a court hearing.

“Officers do not find fault, necessarily, during a crash investigation,” Stalder said. “They find violation of city ordinance. The finding of fault is then discussed between the insurance companies.”

Several Laramie residents in the area at the time of the crash rushed to help the victim before LPD and other emergency vehicles arrived to block and redirect traffic.

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