A Laramie man charged with the second-degree murder of an elderly woman in March will head to District Court.

Trevor Lee Sanford, 30, was in Albany County Circuit Court on Tuesday for his preliminary hearing.

Sanford is accused of the murder of Marilyn “Kay” Dlugosh, 75. Dlugosh was found dead March 29 at 4746 Skyline Drive, No. 66. According to court documents, Sanford was living with Dlugosh since March 23.

Albany County Sheriff’s Office deputies discovered blood splatter on the walls, as well as blood leading from the walls to the woman’s body, court documents state.

Sanford, who court documents state was related to Dlugosh by marriage, was arrested April 4 in Westminster, Colorado.

Albany County Sheriff’s Detective William Meyer testified Tuesday in Circuit Court on the evidence that lead to Sanford being arrested and what he saw at the crime scene. An autopsy showed Dlugosh died from a combination of blunt-force trauma and sharp-force trauma, having cuts from blunt-force trauma to the entire back of her head and four puncture marks in her torso, Meyer said.

Meyer said he noticed a high volume of blood splatter along with a hammer and knife soaked in blood near the victim’s body. A shirt with blood on it was found away from the altercation next to a wooden walking cane.

Meyer said the shirt closely matched one Sanford wore previously. It, along with several other items from the house, were taken to the state crime lab for analysis.

Prior to Dlugosh’s murder, Sanford was being kept in the Albany County Detention Center and called Dlugosh 85 times in 40 days, Meyer said. Dlugosh never picked up, which angered Sanford who, according to other prisoners, said “I’m going to kill her,” Meyer testified.

Using data from his purchases along with data from when and where the phone Sanford took was used, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office was able to track Sanford to the North Denver area, where he was arrested. Authorities found Sanford in a hotel room.

At his hearing, Circuit Court Judge Robert Castor decided there is probable cause for the case and will proceed into District Court. An appearance for Sanford in District Court has not yet been scheduled.

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