Editor’s note:  It is the Boomerang’s policy not to run names of defendants in sex crimes until a conviction, or guilty or no contest pleas, unless the accused is a person of public interest, such as an elected official, or a person of public trust such as a teacher or a counselor.

A New York man pleaded not guilty to one charge of sexual assault of a minor in the second degree and sexual assault of a minor in the third degree at his District Court arraignment Thursday.

The charges stem from a possible sexual assault of a minor the Laramie Police Department received a call about in December.

According to the affidavit of probable cause, three LPD officers responded to a call around 11:24 p.m. Dec. 9 regarding the possible sexual assault of a minor. Officers met with the victim, who said she was inappropriately touched by a man who moved into the residence less than a week before the incident.

The victim told the officers she was in her room watching TV when she heard a knock on the door and the defendant asking if she was awake. She replied she was and the defendant entered the room, sat next to her and they started watching music videos together, court documents state.

According to the police report, the victim said the defendant sat down next to the victim and soon got up to lock the bedroom door, he then sat down next to the victim again. Allegedly, the defendant then started rubbing the victim’s back, and told her to lie down and lifted her shirt and started rubbing her stomach and genitals, according to court documents.

The victim said the defendant then said he was going to take a cup of coffee to the kitchen and left her room.

As soon as the defendant left the room, the victim ran to her sister’s room, where the sister, the sister’s boyfriend and a family friend were, and told them what happened, court documents state.

The victim’s sister told their mother what happened and about 10-20 minutes later the mother came to ask the victim what happened, according to court documents. The mother then brought the victim in to her room — where the defendant was located — where the victim told her what happened, the police report states.

When the defendant spoke with the officers, he denied doing anything more than rub her back and said he did not lock the door when he was in the room, according to court documents.

Court documents state the defendant consented to having his fingers swabbed and the victim was taken to Ivinson Memorial Hospital for an examination.

Albany County District Court Judge Tori Kricken said during the arraignment that the defendant could receive several years in prison if he is found guilty and would have to register as a sex offender. She said sexual assault of a minor in the first degree is punishable up to 20 years in prison and in the third degree it is punishable up to 15 years in prison.

“If (the defendant) are found guilty on both counts the maximum sentence he could receive is 35 years in prison,” Kricken said. “Because this crime is sexual in nature, (the defendant) would have to register as a sex offender, if he is found guilty.”

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