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Editor’s note: It is the Boomerang’s policy not to run names of defendants in sex crime cases until a conviction, or guilty or no contest pleas, unless the accused is a person of public interest, such as an elected official, or a person of public trust, such as a teacher or counselor.

A Laramie woman accused of encouraging her young children to participate in sexual activity pleaded not guilty Tuesday in District Court to two criminal charges.

The defendant, 37, faces a felony charge of soliciting to engage in illegal sexual relations, as well as a misdemeanor offense of abandoning or endangering children, which carry a combined maximum penalty of six years in prison and a $1,000 fine upon conviction.

A trial was scheduled for July 24-26.

The defendant is out on bond, and District Court Judge Tori Kricken agreed to allow her to have unsupervised visitation with the children, pursuant to a juvenile case.

According to court documents, a Laramie Police Department officer spoke with a complainant Sept. 13 regarding a possible child sexual assault.

The complainant reported the defendant encouraged her two children to engage in sexual activity with each other and told the complainant it was healthy and normal child exploration, documents state.

The complainant further claimed to overhear the defendant telling one of the children the game was only to be done in the privacy of their home and only with the child’s sibling, documents state.

During an interview, the defendant, who was the children’s biological mother, reportedly said she researched the matter and learned about several peer reviews stating the behavior was acceptable and encouraged, further indicating she allowed the behavior to take place and the children thought it was a game, according to the documents.

A forensic interview was conducted with one of the children, who reportedly estimated sexual contact with the other child occurred more than 100 times, according to the documents.

The defendant’s landlord reported about a week earlier, the defendant indicated “a boundary was crossed” when her child and another child inappropriately touched, documents state.

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