Editor’s note: It is the Boomerang’s policy not to run names of defendants in sex crime cases until a conviction, or guilty or no contest pleas, unless the accused is a person of public interest, such as an elected official, or a person of public trust, such as a teacher or counselor.

A Laramie man faces more than two dozen criminal charges after multiple women accused him of sexually assaulting and threatening them, while a Laramie Police Department investigation further linked him to possession of sexually explicit videos and photos of an underage teen, according to documents filed Wednesday in Albany County District Court.

Following his arrest in late February, Scott Alan Addison, 48, was charged with 25 felonies: one count of sexual assault in the first degree, one count of blackmail, two counts of attempted blackmail, one count of felonious restraint and 20 counts of sexual exploitation of a child.

The combined charges are punishable upon conviction by up to life in prison plus an additional 275 years of incarceration.

Until Feb. 24, Addison was listed as a therapist on the website of mental health services provider Pendley & Associates, which has locations in Laramie and Cheyenne.

Before his biography was removed from the site that afternoon, it described him as a licensed addiction therapist with “over 20 years experience working with adults and adolescents with Dual Diagnosis and/or addictions.”

The owner of Pendley & Associates did not return requests for comment by deadline.

An arraignment for Addison has not yet been scheduled in District Court.

According to court documents, on Oct. 13, an LPD officer spoke with a woman who said she agreed to meet the defendant at his home on either Sept. 9 or Sept. 16.

After following the defendant inside, she said, he locked the door, removed her clothes and took nude photographs of her with a cellphone, documents state. Later, she said, he tied her hands behind her back, and, when she objected to participating in a sexual act, struck her in the stomach several times and eventually sexually assaulted her, according to the documents.

Afterwards, the woman said, the defendant cut the bindings and threatened to send the nude images to other people if she told anyone about the incident, documents state.

The woman said she experienced cramping and pain afterwards and underwent a medical exam, which found injuries consistent with her report to law enforcement, documents state.

A search warrant executed Oct. 19 showed communication between the victim’s phone and a phone number provided by the defendant, documents state. During a search warrant executed on the defendant’s home a week later, police seized multiple items, including electronics, rope, objects matching the victim’s description of instruments that might have been used during the assault and an unlabeled medicine bottle with heart-shaped pills, according to documents.

A forsensic examination of the electronics seized from the defendant’s home yielded a large quantity of images showing sexual acts between the defendant and various women, including the woman who reported being assaulted, as well as an “unusually predominant female base” of saved contacts, documents state.

Several other women thought to have had contact with the defendant were subsequently contacted by law enforcement, documents state. On Dec. 6, a second woman reported having a sexual encounter with a man named “Jack,” who continued to contact her and threatened to send nude images of her to her boss if she did not have sex with him, according to documents.

The woman later identified the defendant as “Jack” in a photo lineup, documents state.

On Dec. 13, a third woman reported Aug. 16, a man named “Zek” blindfolded her, bound her hands and sexually assaulted her despite her shouting no multiple times, documents state. A photograph taken of the woman and another image containing an injury she reported sustaining during the encounter were found on the electronics seized from the defendant, according to documents.

The woman reported he continued to text her afterward and threatened to send nude photos of her to her ex so they would be used against her and she wouldn’t get custody of her daughter, documents state.

On Dec. 14, a fourth woman told police a man named “Scott” threatened to post nude images of her on the internet if she didn’t meet him and perform a specific sex act, documents state. The woman reported being afraid of him and said she agreed to meet him and perform the act.

She also reported on a separate occasion, “Scott” took her and a friend to his home in Laramie, and she remained in his trailer for four days because he would not give her a ride home, further stating he told the two women if they didn’t perform sex acts they could not go to sleep and he would dump them off in Laramie, documents state.

The woman later identified “Scott” as the defendant in a photographic lineup, according to documents.

One of the defendant’s cellphones was found to contain 13 sexually explicit images and seven videos of a woman who was 17 at the time, documents state. On Feb. 8, an officer contacted the teen, who reported she began communicating with the defendant through text when she was 17 and he solicited multiple nude images of her, documents state.

She further stated the defendant knew she was 17 at the time and seemed nervous and concerned she would notify the police and get him in trouble, documents state.

As of Friday, Addison was held in the Albany County Detention Center, where he has remained since his arrest Feb. 22. His bond was set at $50,000 cash.

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Aside from the fact that this is absoultly disgusting I have a few questions regarding timing. First of all, why did it take the Laramie P.D. a week to aquire a warrent for his cell after the crime was reported then another week to get a warrent to search his home? Secondly, why did it take five months to arrest this obviously dangerous predator? Is this just another lapse in judgement by the previously proven corrupt Laramie police and judicial system? Or, is this another case where the "profesional" people of Laramie allow crimes against the disenfranchised "poor" while the elite walk free to create more victims? Thirdly, I propose an investagation into not only Pendly & Associates but into Lynn Pendly as well due to the fact that as "psychological experts" they should have noticed the behaviors associated with this level of psychpathy and not only suspended him but made their own report. I find it quite disturbing that a person caught with a small amount of drugs can turn informant and their report can be used to gain a warrent almost immediately for a raid on a home and arrests can be made while families are traumatized while sexual assault victims make a report and their accused walks free to create more victims while an "investigation" takes place.


Very good points thank you.

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