Editor’s note: It is the Boomerang’s policy to not run names of defendants in sex crime cases until a conviction, or guilty or no contest pleas, unless the accused is a person of public interest, such as an elected official, or a person of public trust, such as a teacher or counselor.

An off-duty law enforcement officer spotted a Laramie man breaking his bond conditions Tuesday at a Hooters in Colorado.

Scott Addison was seen traveling outside of Albany County without permission from the court and consuming alcohol.

Addison is currently scheduled to appear for his District Court jury trial Dec. 11-15 for one charge of blackmail, one charge of sexual assault in the first degree, two charges of attempted blackmail, one charge of felonious restraint and 18 charges of sexual exploitation of a child.

Albany County Prosecuting Attorney Peggy Trent said because Addison’s case is still open, she could not comment on the warrant for his arrest at this time.

According to court documents, Addison was released earlier on a $50,000 cash bond and after he was found violating the bonds conditions a new bond was set for $100,000 cash.

A Laramie Police Department detective was contacted about Addison’s bond violations around 1 p.m. Tuesday by an off-duty LPD officer and a former Albany County Detention Center deputy they thought was Addison at a Hooters in Loveland, Colorado.

The former deputy worked in the jail when Addison was there for the current pending charges and is familiar with him, court documents state.

The officer sent the detective a photograph of Addison’s vehicle and a picture of him drinking a beer. After checking the license plate he was sent, the detective confirmed the vehicle was registered to Addison, court documents state.

The detective then called the restaurant around 2:20 p.m. and gave Addison’s description to the manager and bartender. The bartender confirmed he was still at the restaurant and ordered multiple alcoholic beverages, court documents state.

In February, Addison was identified as a suspect in a sexual assault after the LPD received a victim’s description of his vehicle, where the assaults happened and looking through the victim’s phone records. After investigating the vehicle’s registration and phone records, the department found the vehicle and phone were registered to Addison, court documents said.

Officers seized a smartphone from his residence — that matched the description of a phone the victims gave — that was manually and forensically examined. Upon examining the phone, an officer noted a large portion of the images were sexual in nature, with Addison and the victims, court documents state.

As of press time Wednesday, the Albany County Sheriff’s Office had a warrant out for Addison’s arrest.

The Albany County Sheriff’s Office encouraged anyone with information on Addison’s whereabouts to call 742-2273.

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