At least 300 protesters filled the streets of downtown Laramie on Monday afternoon as part of a peaceful walkout to demonstrate solidarity among women, racial minorities, immigrants, the LGBT community, and other minority groups in the aftermath of the U.S. presidential election.

Throughout the roughly hour-and-a-half duration of the march, protesters held up signs, including “Equality hurts no one,” “Love trumps hate” and “Nasty women unite” and posted photographs and updates on Twitter under the hashtag #SolidarityWyoming. Toward the front of the procession, two protesters jointly carried a bright red banner bearing the words “WE R LOVE,” with the “O” replaced with a heart containing the bison on the Wyoming flag.

The Solidarity Walk Out, which began at 12 p.m. on Simpson Plaza, was organized by University of Wyoming freshman Rihanna Kelver, a transgender woman and former candidate for the Albany County School District No. 1 Board of Education.

In an interview, Kelver said she was inspired to organize the event after spending time with friends and hearing about some of the other post-election protests going on nationally. She stressed the walkout was not created specifically to protest Donald Trump being elected as U.S. president, but rather to recognize the anxiety and fear minority groups had been feeling since the election and demonstrate solidarity.

“With all the rhetoric and speech that’s been used from Trump and his supporters, and the amount of reported hate crimes thus far after the election, a lot of us kind of went into this state that maybe we should just hide back, and you know, kind of shut down,” Kelver said. “And so, in a way to avoid that, we kind of went with this event as a way to show solidarity between all these different communities, and as a way to show our community of Laramie that we’re here, we have these concerns, and we’re not going to just go into the background and stay silent.”

Renée Laegreid, a UW history professor and the president of the UW Faculty Association, a chapter of the American Association of University Professors, gave a short speech to the crowd just before the walkout began.

“As a candidate, Trump unleashed — well, not exactly an arrow, but more like a shotgun, at all sorts of groups, racial groups, ethnic groups, LGBT groups, disabled people, women,” she said. “And when I saw … some of the internet posts the other day, right after the election, it was really stunning to me to see how quickly some of these people who felt empowered by the uncivil discourse that had been unleashed, were so willing to take advantage of it and intimidate other people.”

As they marched through the streets, members of the group participated in a number of chants, including “The people, united, will never be divided;” “Show us what democracy looks like; this is what democracy looks like” and “Donald Trump, go away — racist, sexist, anti-gay.”

Yair Sanchez, a UW junior, said he and other protesters were there to “stand together more than ever right now” and wanted everyone to feel as if they still belonged to a safe community.

“It makes us sad that even though we made it so far ... with this election, I feel like we took so many steps back,” he said. “And we really want to stand up for all the communities that are scared, that fear because of the election, and we’re here to really tell people that we are here, and we’re here to stay, and we’re going to fight with everything.”

Karlee Provenza, a Ph.D. student at UW, said she was concerned about the rights of the LGBT community, women and minorities, especially with a Republican-dominated House of Representatives and Senate.

“The people that have been appointed to the cabinet are people that have no interest in equality,” she said. “And if we lose another Supreme Court justice, I’m concerned that we’re going to lose that, so I’m here today to try to put pressure on my government, on my legislators, and to show solidarity to those that are in areas where maybe they don’t feel that they have a voice.”

After exiting Simpson Plaza, the group proceeded west down Grand Avenue, briefly stopping at the corner of First Street and Grand Avenue before heading north on Third Street, east on Clark Street and returning to the university campus for one last rally.

As the protest wound down, two UW students sporting red “Make America Great Again” caps stood outside the Wyoming Union and quietly watched the proceedings. Both students, Brandon Emery and Bailey Bonnet, said they identified as supporters of the president-elect but were not part of any counter-protest efforts.

“You know, America voted,” Bonnet said. “If you have any, any opposing views to the president-elect, I mean, you have the right to express those, but peacefully. And if you’re going to start to get hostile and burn the American flag, that’s not cool and that, that needs to be stopped. But I totally respect the peaceful protests, you know. As Americans, we do have the rights to our own opinions and to stand up for what we believe in.”

Albany County GOP Chair Karen Bienz said Monday since she wasn’t present at the walkout, it was difficult to comment specifically on the event.

“I’m hoping that the country can move forward,” she said. “I think that that’s the only statement that we want to offer.”

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Protests from liberals who live in a state that relies completely on drilling and mining for its income. That makes a lot of sense. But, that's OK. Trump will lift those bans, get the state's economy back on track and everyone will forget.


Everyone will forget because Big Ed will be flush with cash again.


Congratulations on assembling peacefully to support tolerance and respect for all. That people have to be reminded those are values worth holding is truly sad.

This is what it means to be an engaged citizen in the United States of America, and to reject a message of hate.

Waitasec - your post is a logic fail. Utter and complete fail. These people were not protesting big energy, but, keep swinging slugger. You'll connect at some point.clipper isn't even worth the time...


You're funny. Your subjective definition of logic amuses me. You are dismissed.


Not trying to be funny. Just pointing out you are wrong. Again. Your post assumes several things not evident in fact. 1. That everyone that walked is politically or socially liberal. 2. That they were protesting big energy, or mining or drilling. Factually errant.

So. More witticisms to share? Or would you rather continue digging this hole? To repeat: there was no logic in your original post. There still isn't.


@Entropy, I would like to ask you what is respectable about a man entering a woman's bathroom, especially when women or little girls are present, and why a civilized society should tolerate such aberrant behavior?

When you are done answering that question, would you also please explain why anyone who engages in repeated, habitual lying should be respected, much less elected to any leadership position, much less President of the United States?

Commensurate with the previous question, let me finally ask, at what point do you finally cease your toleration of someone who continually lies to your face and you conclude that person is no longer worth your time of day and is in need of serious psychological help, if not a one way trip to prison?


Wow. So you've pointed out Hillary has an honesty problem - no issue there. I concur.

But you should also address Trump's many lies. Or how about not paying taxes because he's smart? There are plenty among us that think paying taxes is actually a good thing. Do you have kids? Do they go to school? Does your local Police department exist? Does it get Federal Grants? Roads? How about our Military - where does their funding come from? If we all behaved like Trump....think about that...

Finally, about that Bathroom argument you seem to have started. If a person looks man enough to fit the bill you are talking about then I doubt anyone would fault you from saying, "Hey, buster, use the Men's room." But I am pretty sure that's not what the whole fuss was about. Consider that there really are people whose Birth Certificate says one thing, and THEY REALLY ARE NO LONGER THAT. They had or are having reassignment surgery, hormones, etc. I guarantee there are plenty of cases where it is totally wrong for them to be present in the Gender-Assigned-At-Birth-Bath-Room any longer. That's what we mean in that case.

Finally Finally, I dont think the previous caller's Tolerance reference was to that as much as the wider picture. Trump and many of his supporters have said some really rotten things about non-Whites. Its out there in print and video. No big secret there.


Your first question is irrelevant, off-point, and just illustrates that you have some agenda that you wish to discuss as a false equivalency. An agenda I do not care to investigate.

Your second question also is irrelevant, but contains one interesting kernel if truth - albeit, not the one you seek. We just elected the candidate that has lied more often on the campaign trail than any other Presidential candidate in history. Chew on that one and get back to me. I can provide references if required.

Your third question is not so much a question as a position, unsupported and again, not relevant to people walking to show support for human decency, kindness, respect, tolerance and inclusiveness for all Americans. Argue how that possibly could be a bad thing. Please. Go on.

In summary - you're off point, angry about something that eludes me (although it smells suspiciously like falsely disenfranchised white Christian man syndrome), and apparently attempting to denigrate people that took a bit of time to show support for women, disabled people, ethnic and racial minorities, gays/lesbians/transgenders, and all others feeling more than a little nervous about the incoming administration, Feeling nervous for good reason, given the dialogue generated by said administration during the campaign. Again, argue that the Trump campaign did not denigrate all of those demographic sectors and more, and continues to do so by naming people like Bannon to the inner sanctum. Go on. Please. I'd love to hear it, if you can build and defend a factual argument.


@entropy, What on earth is this message of hate you progs keep parroting? Is it an escape from having to think for yourselves and construct reasoned arguments?



Do you use the same concepts in every posts, or do you not know how to be creative?

When you use the same jargon repeatedly, it makes you sound like the Polly.

Just sayin'.

And your hate concept - best chuckle on the internet. All you have are insults and name calling. Why?

Because you never have any ideas.

Do you see the running theme here?

Matthew Brammer

"And your hate concept - best chuckle on the internet. All you have are insults and name calling. Why?

Because you never have any ideas.

Do you see the running theme here?"

As usual, adroit1's posts embody the definition of irony.......


It is inaccurate to say that Wyoming's income comes completely from drilling and mining. Just look at what the State's own facts and figures says about the Snowmobiling and ORV industries - they are in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Nationally, the Retail industry outdoes Mining in terms of numbers of of jobs and numbers of dollars many fold.

Wyomnig will be skewed in those figures, but to think that until the Energy Industry comes back we can't get along that is simply wrong.

Tourism already is proving itself:
2015 WY Travel Generated Impacts

Domestic and international visitors in Wyoming spent $3.3 billion in 2015.
The state's tourism industry supported nearly 32,000 full and part-time jobs, a number that represents 12% of Wyoming's workforce.
Without the travel generated tax revenues, each household in Wyoming would have had to pay an additional $730 in taxes.
Overnight visitation continued to grow in 2015 and Wyoming welcomed a record 10.5 million visitors. This represents an 4.2% increase from 2014. [1]
Visitor spending directly affects Wyoming's economy by generating $170 million in local and state tax revenues. [2]

I recently visited Bentonville, AR - home of WalMart. What Retail & Tourism have done for that town is unreal. Granted - the sheer volume of WalMart (and I tend to be a WalMart NaySayer...) - is how they can afford to pump that kind of money into their area. We dont want Jackson Holes all over the place, but Lander seems to do well. Think of hitting that sweet spot of the right amount of the right kind of tourism perhaps?

And about that Coal? We better figure out another fish to fry soon anyways because - while some among us could not care less what happens in 200 years, there are many among us who do. And Coal is simply not going to last forever.

So, as they say, Someone Moved Your Cheese. Time to get creative. We could sell more Wind and Solar (or Nuclear if we had smarter Science Students to figure out how to do it safely...), if Big E had let us build more transmission lines out of the state. But we'll get to that.

America IS Great.


I think it's time to rethink the whole game, not just get creative. A state with a population of 580K and half a billion dollars in debt has a lot of its eggs in one basket. Tuition at UW will go up (again), the city council will raise water rates, and sales tax revenue for the state is down 20% in one year. There need to be drastic economic changes. I'd offer implementation of a state income tax, but that doesn't help when families either leave or don't have any income to tax. The state will have to develop a very diverse economy to survive.


how about a toll road?


Seeing that the Boomer decided to cover this non-event, I can not resist commenting on it even though adroit is out there stalking me. First of all I hope all the participants feel better after taking part in this group hug/walk. My only question to them is, If you're distraught with last week's outcome then where were you after the DNC convention? Were you satisfied with being "compliant" and "unaware" voters as Clinton described you in the wikileaks emails? Also, a big thanks to Ms. Laegreid for finding the time in her busy faculty workload to give a short speech even though it was full of propaganda for her mush minded audience.


"Compliant" and "unaware."

"Mush minded audience."

You poor fellow. It's gotta be tough bringing down everyone that sits above you.


Let me simply ask, if Hillary Clinton—you know, the other candidate that lied to the American public, repeatedly, and then proceeded to obstruct justice by destroying 33,000 emails, as well as lied about what took place in Benghazi that resulted in the rape, torture, and murder of Ambassador Christopher Stephens, and is now lying about how her and Willie's Clinton Foundation, whereby millions of dollars have been pilfered to support their lavish lifestyles—would have been elected, then all of these so-called "protesters" would have been at ease?

For those who choose to answer, please stay focused on the question, because going off on a tangent will only serve to prove your real motive for responding, none of which has to do with the truth. Thank you.

Miss Indiana

No. Not all of them would have been at ease. Not everyone protesting wanted to elect Secretary Clinton. They preferred other candidates. But what they all agree on is that the current president elect is a worse option. I personally didn't vote for him and I found his campaign to be beyond distasteful. But he is going to be the next president and I have respect for that office. That being said, I will expect him to come up to that bar and I will be there to hold him accountable.


The only other legitimate option was Hillary. The other two candidates were only deluding themselves, like the six percent of the populace, into believing they had any chance at all of becoming the President. So, the question remains, would you or anyone else been at ease over the election of Hillary, who would have brought more corrupt baggage back into the White House than any U.S. President ever elected, which includes Hillary's disgraced and impeached husband, Bill? If not, then your whole argument about Donald being a "worse option" is erroneous.

Miss Indiana

Perhaps you need to stay focused on your question. It was answered. Also, your hypothetical is moot since she wasn't elected. Your opinion and mine differ. I prefer to deal with what we have and hope for the best. Wishing you well, thank you for being civil.


There would have been protesters anyway - not of the same ilk - but many who felt that Bernie Sanders should have been the Democratic nominee, or one of the other candidates would make a better president. Many are frustrated and about a variety of things. This entire election cycle has been painful in many ways. There are many who would have preferred to vote for Gary Johnson but felt a vote for him was a vote for the candidate they wanted to lose. Any time an attempt is made to make-binary, or black-and-white, out of an extremely complex situation, there are going to be large numbers of individuals who feel outrage because they did not want either of the two boxes they were forced to choose between.

What is the truth you refer to?


The truth about Hillary's corruption, which was preceded by her habitual propensity to lie to the America people.


All of which were half truths or just outright lies, used by congress to initiate meritless investigations for political gains using your tax dollars. Do not slander the innocent. However Dumpster will be in court twice next month, one defending his school and the other for a rape charge. I did not say he is guilty, just well, you know he could be.


Excuse me, but did Hillary or did Hillary not destroy or attempt to destroy 33,000 of her emails, many of which had classified information attached to them, after a subpoena was issued by Congress to have them turned over to members investigating her activities as Secretary of State? Did Hillary or did Hillary not then have multiple devices destroyed with a hammer, which she used to send and receive all of those emails? Did Hillary or did Hillary not use acid to destroy an illegal server in the basement of her home that housed much of the classified information that was hacked by at least five foreign entities, according to some reports? Did Hillary or did Hillary not lie about it all, and then some, to the FBI? Unless a person is in abject denial or suffering from severe cognitive dissonance, the answer to each of these questions is YES! She engaged in dubious, if not outright illegal, behavior, and there is no "half truth or just outright lies" about it.


You didn't see conservatives acting like this four or 8 years ago. Poor little babies

Snowy Range

Why don't these people stay home and make anonymous comments on newspaper sites, like normal, God-fearing Americans??


or why don't they just grow up and quit whining.

Snowy Range


If you have something to say, say it anonymously on the internet!

I think we can all agree that if you're going to call people names and criticize their every move it's better to do it while hiding behind a keyboard.


As opposed to hiding in a crowd of "hundreds"? Oh wait, the photo shows a couple dozen.

Snowy Range


Why didn't the newspaper photograph every single person to back up its claim??

Very suspicious.


So funny, making America great as Dumpster proposed will require a four million person military, that means a draft. That is on top of the guard being put into cities to keep the peace. When the whistle blows will you be going over the top in front of the guard or behind in Cheyenne?


Maybe they simply believe in democracy and the majority vote should win. I mean you have to even ask, remember the last time we let a minority elect. president take over the White House, how well did that end?

Matthew Brammer

"Why don't these people stay home and make anonymous comments on newspaper sites, like normal, God-fearing Americans??"

Most do, to be fair. Both sides are just as guilty of that, as well as fighting keyboard wars on Facebook and other ineffective nonsense. Don't be so naive as to assume the stupidity is one-sided.


We are living in a nation of misaligned priorities and placing "feelings" above realities. People should harken to Calvin Coolidge's words of wisdom- "The business of America is business." Opportunity and strong economics are the greatest antidotes to all "inequalites", real or perceived.

Demanding respect for self-identity is simply a symptom of our extroverted, narcissistic, look-at-me pop culture.


LOL, how well did that end? Economic global crash, in just twenty short years a second world war larger than the first ending in a fifty years cold war. Could it really get any better than that? The sad thing is we are about to find out. Have you ordered your survival shelter?

Just Win

What you see here are childish, misguided, ill-informed, easily influenced, left-wing millennial snowflakes (and others) who couldn't speak intelligently or truthfully about anything concerning Donald Trump -- or politics, in general. Just like the riots and childish protests going on elsewhere in the country post-election, this demonstration is probably the work of globalist dirtbag George Soros and his ilk.

Donald Trump had MASSIVE crowds at each of his campaign stops across the country. We're talking 10-, 15-, 20-thousand people (or more) at each event. Criminal Hillary could fit her supporters in a phone booth. Just watch all of the YouTube videos for proof. I'm of the firm belief that there was still lots of vote fraud for Hillary in this election. Bernie Sanders and others were laughable substitutes.

It's time to purge this country of the incompetence and criminality exhibited by the left-wing globalists who've run it into the ground. The crybaby snowflakes will just have to grow up. The Boomerang could use more conservatives on its staff so that the political polls furnished are more balanced and less biased and idiotic, too.


So, you're up to speed on President-Elect Trump's policy proposals? Do share. You can educate us about how this globalist billionaire with a long history of stiffing American workers plans to bring back manufacturing and other rust-belt jobs, solve the healthcare crisis, and reform immigration. We'd all like to know, and I'm not being facetious - give us your facts. In doing so, you can leave out the name-calling and irrelevant references to Secretary Clinton - she was not elected, and she was not relevant to the solidarity walk. Facts. Let's hear some. A little less empty rhetoric, hand-waving, and snark, a little more information.

Just Win

You fragile-ego liberals are truly priceless with your faux arrogance and intellect. It truly is amusing. Are you paying attention or are you living in a cave? Most of you lib/socialists cozy up to the propaganda/lies of the mainstream media, so I wouldn't expect you to understand what Trump puts forth. He wants fair trade agreements -- unlike the criminal TPP pact that Criminal Obozo and Criminal Hillary supported. (Those talks are dead now, genius.) He wants to get rid of the lib/globalist poison called Common Core that your useless side thinks is education. Convicted felon illegals will be immediately deported with others not far behind. Yes, I know that makes you fragile-ego libs shudder at the loss of future, fraudulent democratic votes. Just a few examples.

Why don't you reply to the massive support Trump received at rallies compared to the embarrassing low numbers Criminal Hillary got. What a joke! We're supposed to believe that Criminal Hillary (see wikileaks, if you've been too lazy or scared to look at her crimes) won the popular vote -- to use as a ruse to protest the electoral college now?? What a laugh! What a fraud!

Share some policy proposals of the left -- other than ones that destroy the American economy, education system, healthcare (ObamaCare, what a criminal joke), and out-of-control immigration policies. You lib/socialists are a true danger to the American way of life. Your misguided, ill-informed, easily manipulated snowflakes are a perfect example of how the left is imploding.


Talk about fragile egos...

I wonder if you can dial back your hatred a notch.

Or, just remain cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Good talk!


As I suspected. You have nothing. No intellectual contribution to any discussion. A lot of name-calling. A lot of anger. Not sure why. Ah well. I tried. Now on to people, ideas, and work that matters. Causeyou don't, and with your attitude, you never will.

Best Defense

Hmm. It seems to me (and I'm sure to a lot of other readers as well) that he did indeed respond with pointed "specifics" to your typically-liberal jaded request for facts. He, in return, also queried YOU to share some legitimate and constructive policy proposals of the left wing in this country. But, of course, you did not. Your response was simply another veiled attempt to sound intellectual and "enlightened". But, why is this? Well, it's quite simple actually. It's because liberalism IS the problem -- NEVER the solution. You have NO answers.

Even your very own personal "moniker" defines liberal-socialism in a succinct nutshell. Entropy = Useless Energy.

Best Defense

Hmm. It seems to me (and I'm sure to a lot of other readers as well) that he did indeed respond with pointed "specifics" to your typically-liberal jaded request for facts. He, in return, also queried YOU to share some legitimate and constructive policy proposals of the left wing in this country. But, of course, you did not. Your response was simply another veiled attempt to sound intellectual and "enlightened". But, why is this? Well, it's quite simple actually. It's because liberalism IS the problem -- NEVER the solution. You have NO answers.

Even your very own personal "moniker" defines liberal-socialism in a succinct nutshell. Entropy = Useless Energy.


I find it just a bit ironic that the defenders of our constitution object so much to peaceful demonstrations. Do not despair. When the whistle blows you can be first over the top in Detroit leading our guard.

Best Defense

Wow! The intellectually-vacant liberal-left in this country sure make for great theater (albeit pathetically so) with their self-styled, hypocritical commentary and total lack of fact-based opinion. But, then again, such inane speech is what makes a liberal a liberal.

Peaceful demonstrations, huh? Tell that to law enforcement officials across the country who've had to deal with violent confrontations, mass property damage, dangerous disruption of traffic and other "criminally-negligent" activity on a daily basis ever since the election. And, as expected, the liberal excuses for such behavior are disingenuous, at best. It's NOBODY'S constitutional right to be an unruly, disrespectful, self-important imbecile.

So, why don't we take a good look at these individuals "in-the-street" who comprise the bulk of the so-called peaceful protests. Who are they? Well, they're largely made up of the "lost-generation" -- otherwise known as the Millennials. You know, that group of people between 16-34 years of age who tend to have no real work-ethic or display anything even remotely resembling a moral compass. Thanks right, the traditional fodder of the radical left (e.g.- Clinton campaign, DNC, mainstream media and global-socialists like George Soros) whom "use" them, as they deem fit, in order to service their own destructive ideological agendas. In other words, those half-witted Americans that the communists once referred to as the "useful idiots".

Even a recent Princeton University study had to admit that its findings regarding US Millennials were outright shocking. (Bare in-mind, this is a report coming from an ultra left-leaning Ivy League school) In a study centering on ALL Millennial-age groups globally (which involved the 23 first-world, industrialized nations), OUR country's proud representatives finished either last or near the bottom in every category relative to education and skills. In a nutshell, these "enlightened" protesters are so under-educated and unskilled that they were found to reside at the very bottom of the barrel. Dead last! With the exception of the minority element of non-leftist, self-determined, integrity-driven Millennials (who deserve a great deal of credit), DOES THIS FINDING COME AS A SURPRISE TO ANYONE?

What these worthless protesters, and other people of their ilk, are really afraid of is the loss of a decades-old corrupt system of cradle-to-grave entitlements that allows them to skate through life on "freebies" at the expense of everyone else in society who actually carry their own weight and contribute to the national economy. In other words, a Trump presidency -- combined with a more conservative nation -- means that they'll all be forced to grow-up, get a job and be more responsible with their self-indulgent lives.

Why do all these brain-numbed protesters (regardless of age) hate Trump so much -- even though the vast majority knew very-little-to-nothing about him prior to the election? It's simple. Because, a friend of a friend was informed by her radically-socialist college professor (who wouldn't last a day off-campus in the REAL world as a practitioner) that Trump is a really bad guy, who's done really bad things, due to his really bad character and total lack of "social justice awareness". And, as a result of all this erroneously dubious left-wing contrived hearsay, they are now all anti-Trump -- regardless of the fact that the alternative would have been an escalation in the criminality of government via more of the same sinister and treasonistic behavior of the Queen of Corruption, her husband and their cartel of character-devoid liberal-socialists.

Oh! There is one other fact that should also be mentioned. Of all of the "peaceful" protesters who've been arrested nationally (of which there have been MANY), law enforcement authorities site that more that 70% either did not vote in the election or were not even registered to do so. This representative sample really does tell you all you need to know about who these people are, who organizes them to behave so ridiculously, and what the REAL agenda in-play happens to be within the grand scheme of things.

Like I said, WOW!


Matthew Brammer

I wasn't aware that no one was allowed to disagree with the reasoning behind the

Protest all you want. That is your right. I have no argument with that, nor do most people here.

But it is also others' right to ridicule you for the reasoning and/or opinion behind your protest.

This isn't a complicated concept.

karl mccraken

Honestly, I do not care so much they did it. I just hope everyone appreciates the irony that if the election had gone the other way, there would have been people equally aa upset but I do not believe would have protested.

in addition I find it ironic that this group did not find it necessary to go to city hall to get the necessary permits to hold a public demonstration on city rights of ways and that the city did not fine the leaders for not getting the permits. (of course getting the permits takes several days) I will give the city credit for not doing anything, because that would only have exacerbated the situation.

I do believe everyone has the right to express their views but when using private or city rights of ways should follow the rules if they know them.

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