Marijuana arrest

Wyoming Highway Patrol troopers seized more than 60 pounds of marijuana Thursday about 20 miles west of Laramie on Interstate 80, Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Kyle McKay said.

McKay said the highway patrol is seeing an increase of seizures such as this one because marijuana from the West Coast is being harvested and sent east using routes such as I-80.

“It seems like the transportation of marijuana on I-80 during this time of year increases because this is the harvesting season out on the West Coast,” he said. “More marijuana is being harvested and sent this direction to the East Coast (for) distribution.”

In the last few weeks, state troopers have seized higher quantities of marijuana than normal traveling through the state on I-80 and Interstate 25, McKay said.

“This is not the largest we have seized — we seized 500 pounds a couple of weeks ago and 197 (pounds) I think a day later after that,” McKay said.

A Wyoming state trooper found the substance when a 2016 Ford Focus traveling eastbound failed several times to maintain its lane of travel.

McKay said the trooper pulled the vehicle over and asked the driver for permission to search the vehicle because he thought the three passengers could be involved in some form of criminal activity.

“Through his investigation and having inconsistent stories and what he observed during the stop, he suspected there was some type of criminal activity,” McKay said.

“He asked the driver to search (the vehicle), the driver consented to a search and in the trunk 63 pounds of marijuana were found.”

The marijuana — with an estimated value of $126,000 — was being transported from California to Tennessee. All three occupants were charged with felony possession of a controlled substance and felony intent to deliver a controlled substance, according to a Wyoming Highway Patrol news release.

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Imagine the revenue that the state could have if it decriminalized marijuana, and taxed it like alcohol and cigarettes.


Exactly what would happen in Colorado- the money would be squandered. Colorado is in a budget deficit of $260M.


They are facing a 260 million dollar deficit because of changes to TABOR. They are essentially giving more money back on state tax refunds. If they hadn't had the cushion of Marijuana sales, they would be facing an even larger deficit.

wyo is home

It would be curious to know how much a bust like this costs the state of Wyoming. Factoring in jail, court costs and possibly incarceration.

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