Albany County Commission chairman Tim Chesnut will not return to his post in January.

After 20 years on the county board, Chesnut will be replaced by fellow Democrat Pete Gosar. Chesnut placed third in a race for two spots.

"I'm just extremely pleased with the support I've got over the years," Chesnut said. "I wish Pete Gosar well and think he’ll do good work for the county. I thought no matter which way the election was going to go, I just thought it was going to be the best thing for county.”

Gosar’s victory follows an impressive showing in the August primary.

On Tuesday, Gosar earned 24 percent of the vote. Chesnut earned 19 percent.

“I’m really thankful for the people that came out and supported me — the group of people that knocked on doors and made phone calls,” Gosar said. “You don’t get there by yourself and I just have a really great group of people to work with.”

Republican incumbent Heber Richardson, who earned more votes than contenders in the August primary, narrowly squeezed by Tuesday to retain his seat.

He earned 20 percent of the vote. Fellow Republican Jerry Kennedy won 17 percent.

“It was a good hard race,” Richardson said. “I didn’t enjoy it very much. I enjoy doing the job. There was some misdirection in the campaign that was frustrating to me. I’m glad that the citizens of Laramie and Albany County recognize the good work that our entire team and Albany county does.”

In the race for county treasurer, Democrat Tracy Fletcher won with 53 percent of the vote.

Republican Michael Pearce won 40 percent.

“I am elated,” Fletcher said. “I’m very excited to looking forward to the future. There’s always that little bit of doubt and uncertainty, but in the end, I felt confident that my experience and my skills would shine through.”

While Pearce said he was disappointed to lose, he said the experience of campaigning was a "tremendous" experience.

"Getting to know Albany County even better was a great experience,” he said.

Sheriff David O’Malley won re-election with 63 percent of the vote. Challenger Tim Hale got 30 percent.

In the race for Albany County Attorney, incumbent Peggy Trent won 66 percent and Lopez won 21 percent.

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