Hearts Alley building

After completing an asbestos abatement process, Reiman Corp. construction crews began demolition Monday of the former Hart’s Alley building, 404 S. Second St., Reiman Corp. Superintendent Vaughn Spiegelberg said.

“There wasn’t a lot of asbestos,” Spiegelberg said. “It was mostly in the roof tar.”

The contaminated materials are slated to be taken to an asbestos disposal facility in Colorado, he said. Once the demolition is complete, Spiegelberg said crews will begin work on the new Laramie Vision Clinic. But he said plans to fill the space where the Hart’s Alley building once stood have not been solidified.

“Anything to do on the Hart building is still in the negotiation phase,” Spiegelberg said. “But the (Laramie Vision Clinic) is going to move forward as planned.”

After the former site of a Laramie Vision Clinic building, 408 S. Second St., burned down in 2014 and Reiman Corp. began construction on a new building in the same location in 2015, a portion of the Hart’s Alley building collapsed, requiring demolition of the remaining structure.

Litigation resulted in the building being transferred to Reiman Corp., a construction company included in a lawsuit filed by Sean and Dolores Hart.

The Harts’ complaint claimed excavation efforts on the new building caused a Hart’s Alley building wall to collapse.

“Being’s as it was already partially collapsed, (the demolition process) took a little more time — we couldn’t remove pieces in the order we normally would,” Spiegelberg said.

“But it’s all about being safe. We’ve had a structural engineer on site throughout the process to ensure everything is taken care of properly.”

He said construction crews would likely begin pouring the Laramie Vision Clinic foundation immediately after demolition was complete and work through winter to erect the new building. However, Spiegelberg said he did not have a timeline for completion.

The Laramie Vision Clinic did not return requests for comment.

Laramie Planning Division Senior Planner Charles Bloom said the Laramie Vision Clinic had an approved site plan for construction once the demolition is complete.

The approved site plan lists the new clinic as a two-story building with office space on the main floor and residential space on the second floor, he said.

“They’ve had prior approval to construct a new building on that site,” Bloom said. “The demolition doesn’t nullify the prior approval.”

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