In preparation for the Laramie High School Musical Theater class presentation of “Into the Woods,” several Digital Photo/Photoshop students submitted potential posters to the theater department. Of the about 40 posters submitted, 10 were selected for the drama students to narrow down by vote.

LHS Theater Department Director Mike Hancey said his class typically has a unit about publicity, but he wanted to get more students involved with the play.

As an attempt to create cross-curricular cooperation, Hancey reached out to Digital Photo/Photoshop teacher Billie Vanlandingham and created the poster competition.

“I came down to Vanlandingham and said, ‘This is what we are doing, would you be interested in helping us out,’” Hansen said. “We shared ideas back and forth and got an idea of what the requirements are for the copyright holders, what things have to be included and explain to her what the storyline is about.”

LHS junior and the winner of the competition Melissa Scafe said she got her idea for the poster after noticing the roles of the trees and the moon in the movie version of the play, but a lack of images of what she was trying design lead her to seek help.

“I was thinking of the trees pretty much, because it is ‘Into the Woods,’ and there is a lot about the woods and what their stories were,” Scafe said. “I didn’t really have anything for pictures, and then, (senior Kimberly Molvar) came in and she was like, ‘Here is some of my art.’ I looked through them and really liked one that was similar to the design we used.”

Molvar said she made several pictures of trees from different perspectives. When she was approached for the competition, she said she just had to adjust one of her previous pictures.

“I already had a portfolio of trees, so my teacher asked if it was OK if Mr. Hancey looked through to see what I had already done and see if any of those automatically worked for the poster,” she said. “There was one that was similar to (what the poster shows) but he was like, ‘Could you do something like this but a little more European woodsy.’”

Vanlandingham said creating the posters replaced a planned project for the class and the students were graded on their submissions. Scafe would receive extra credit for her poster being selected, she said.

“I am always looking for real world projects of my students, rather than just having a project due for a grade,” Vanlandingham said. “In this class, I usually have them doing a logo for (a) graphic design unit so this was perfect to be able to design a poster.”

The Musical Theater class is presenting “Into the Woods” at 7 p.m. April 25-28 in the LHS Theater, 1710 Boulder Drive.

“Tickets are $8 for adults, $6 for students and kids,” Hancey said. “Tickets can be bought through the University of Wyoming fine arts box office, online (or) they can call or we will (be) selling them here during lunch,” Hancey saiad.

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