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Packing today’s agenda with leftover items from their last meeting, the Laramie City Council is hosting a special meeting for the final reading of a snow removal ordinance, followed by a work session about the future of WyoTech.

“We’re having a special meeting because last week we did not quite get through our agenda,” Mayor Andi Summerville said. “We had a couple items that garnered quite a bit of public comment.”

Proposed changes to the snow removal ordinance could grant Laramie’s Code Enforcement Division the ability to abate uncleared sidewalks after several notices have been issued.

Residents could also be required to clear sidewalks by 9 a.m. the day after a snow event has ended instead of the current 24-hour period allotted to clear snow after a snow event.

“Whether or not it will have impact this season, I think the conversation is still timely,” Summerville said. “When residents ask council to look into something, it’s important we follow through.”

The proposed changes were inspired by a number of resident comments council received throughout 2017, she explained.

While a public hearing regarding an ordinance that could amend franchise utility installation standards, public improvement requirements, preliminary plat expiration and landscaping requirements was hosted Feb. 6, the council was unable to address the ordinance during the meeting. Instead, the council voted to postpone the second reading of the ordinance to today.

“I think public hearings are a good way to gather input that you take in for the whole process,” Summerville said. “I don’t think you necessarily need to hold a public hearing on the same night of the reading, it can help, but it isn’t essential.”

She said no changes were added to the proposed ordinance since the public hearing.

“This is second reading of the ordinance, and a lot of times if there are amendments, this is typically where council vets those out and puts them forward,” Summerville said. “So, I would imagine if there are changes, the council will discuss them (today).”

After adjourning the special meeting, the council is scheduled to host a work session with Laramie County Community College President Joe Schaffer and WyoTech Campus Director Caleb Perriton about a potential partnership between the two colleges that could provide a future for WyoTech in Laramie after Zenith Education Group announced the school would cease enrolling students in November 2017, and close the campus around June.

See “LCCC offers plan to take on WyoTech operations” on A1 for more information about the potential partnership.

“Since the WyoTech announcement last fall, there have been ongoing discussions regarding what that means for the community,” Summerville said.

“We’ll be looking at a proposal from LCCC to take WyoTech into its organization. I think it will be a good conversation for the community to have not only about economic development, but also about the opportunities that lie before us, not only through the community but also through the state.”

The Laramie City Council special meeting and work session is scheduled for 6 p.m. today at City Hall, 406 Ivinson Ave.

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