City Council

The Laramie City Council is slated to interview five candidates at a special meeting today to fill a Ward 1 councilor vacancy.

The candidates are Phoebe Stoner, Jennifer E. Drew, Rebecca Buss, Casey Frome and Roxie Hensley, according to city documents.

The vacancy occurred when former Ward 1 Councilor Vicki Henry resigned Oct. 3. Elected to her second term in November 2016, Henry stated in her resignation letter she was moving to Arizona to address family matters and could not complete her term as councilor.

In the case of a mid-term vacancy on the City Council, councilors interview candidates from the same ward and appoint a new councilor by majority vote.

“The (state) statute says if a vacancy is determined to exist, then the governing body shall appoint an eligible person to serve until the next election,” Laramie City Attorney Bob Southard said. “The reason the statute sets up nine members is so ties can be resolved.

“That’s why all governing boards are set up with odd numbers.”

If no candidate receives a majority vote, the council will advertise for the position and repeat the process until a candidate receives a majority vote.

“I’m not sure they have a choice,” Southard said. “The statute says they ‘will appoint.’”

Candidates are required to live in their wards for at least a year prior to serving in office. Southard said he was unaware of any other requirements. Once appointed, the new councilor could serve until November 2018, but will need to be elected by the residents to continue serving on the council after that, Southard said.

The council is also slated to review Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan and Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan documents regarding $5 million in state loans slated to be used for the Public Works Service Center Project, city documents stated.

The loan requests were authorized by City Council in January and approved by the State Loan and Investment Board in April, but require the council’s approval and the mayor’s signature before going into effect, city documents state.

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