In recognition of Laramie’s disabled residents and the people who play a vital role in improving their quality of life, the Laramie City Council proclaimed March to be Disability Awareness Month.

The proclamation was declared during the council’s regular meeting Tuesday and presented to the Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities.

“(Disabilities Awareness Month) is about becoming more aware of the struggles that those with disabilities go through and helping them become more independent,” Laramie Advisory Commission on Disabilities Chair Nick Wiseman said. “This March, I implore you to help the lady who is 4-foot tall and can’t reach the top shelf. Shovel your sidewalks so (people with mobility disabilities) can get to work, make sure your apartments are more accessible, and the neighbor who has fallen on hard times — help him out.”

In other business, the council postponed a move to deny a preliminary plat for the Spring Creek development.

“We’d like to postpone this movement (to deny the preliminary plat), because we are lacking our city attorney right now for this discussion,” Mayor Andi Summerville said.

Speaking on behalf of the preliminary plat applicant, Spring Creek Investments, Mitch Edwards, an attorney with Nicholas & Tangeman, LLC, said his clients did not agree with the council’s direction.

“We’re opposed to this motion to postpone,” Edwards said. “This application was submitted in January 2017. The Planning and Zoning Commission met over a month ago, where they recommended approval of this subdivision plat.”

City documents state the preliminary plat would conflict with nearly 20 approval conditions and design criteria set forth by the Laramie Municipal Code.

“We fail to see why it is this motion (to deny the plat) should continue to be delayed,” Edwards said, explaining the plat was delayed at several previous council and commission meetings.

“This delay is inappropriate and it is unfounded. There is no reason for this delay other than to cause damage to the applicant.”

The City Council does not typically respond to public comments entered during the meeting aside from seeking clarification from city staff, and the council did not respond to Edwards’ comments.

The council unanimously approved the postponement.

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