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A vehicle drives down Wyoming Avenue--one of the paved roads in West Laramie--Tuesday afternoon. Laramie City Council is hosting two community work sessions Thursday and Saturday at Linford Elementary School to gain public input on paving the remaining dirt roads in West Laramie, and whether options like ribbon paving are a good fit for the community. SHANNON BRODERICK/Boomerang photographer

Laramie’s City Council is hosting community work sessions Thursday and Saturday at Linford Elementary School, 120 S. Johnson St., on Thursday and Saturday to get public input on road paving, specifically in West Laramie. Thursday’s session is from 6-8 p.m. and Saturday’s is from 3-5 p.m. Although the primary focus is in West Laramie, the session is open to the public for input on roads throughout the city.

“We really want to make sure the residents of the unpaved areas come in and talk about this because it directly impacts them, but it’s open to the entire community,” Mayor Andi Summerville said.

There will be informational material and posters explaining pavement options and the proposed streets available at the work session, as well as a short presentation at the beginning to introduce people to the issue and go over all the information. Constituents will have a chance to ask specific questions to any councilmembers during the last portion of the work session.

“This is really an opportunity for the community to talk to the council and share their views about what type of streets we should be putting in unpaved areas,” Summerville said. “All of this feedback that goes to the council is going to help form a long-term policy for paving the unpaved areas in town, which are mostly in West Laramie, but there are a few that are east of the tracks as well.”

In addition to talking to councilmembers directly, the public will also get the chance to fill out surveys. Summerville said City Council will take all public input into consideration as it plans the long-term solution for the roadways in Laramie, including how to pay for the needed updates.

“There are a number of councilors that want to ask the residents out in any unpaved area for a financial contribution from them personally to help pay for street construction,” Summerville said. “So, we also need feedback on that.”

Paving a road is more than just laying asphalt. Drainage and stormwater issues are also a huge component to making safe, sustainable roads, and must be completed before roads can even be paved. Summerville said they want public input on drainage options, sidewalk needs and pavement types, because those needed improvements can help bring more residential and commercial growth to the area.

“This issue has been a core issue for West Laramie,” Summerville said. “There’s a lot of frustration from West Laramie residents. … I think it’s pretty critical to those areas of town. I also think it’s critical in terms of the overall town that we get a long-term strategic policy in place.”

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