DUI enforcement

Law enforcement agencies in Albany and Laramie counties are increasing their presence through Sunday to prevent people from driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs traveling to and from the Border War game, Laramie Police

Department Chief Dale Stalder said.

“The Wyoming Highway Patrol, Albany County Sheriff’s Office, Laramie Police Department are teaming up to increase DUI patrols on (U.S. Highway) 287, I-80 and I-25 during Friday, Saturday and Sunday,” Stalder said. “(We are) increasing our presence on those roadways and if there are DUIs out there, to aggressively enforce the law.”

He said the LPD’s jurisdiction has not changed for the Border War DUI enforcement and officers would mostly be focused on enforcing traffic laws within Laramie city limits.

Stalder said the police department would help other agencies by placing a command vehicle on U.S. Highway 287 where other agencies can book people.

“We will have the ability to use a command van … to accomplish booking those DUIs,” he said. “If arrests are made, either in the city or by the sheriff’s office or highway patrol outside the city limits (they can be booked there).”

In previous years, LPD and the sheriff’s office have noticed a slight increase of DUIs during the Border War. Stalder said the police department and sheriff’s office records show on the day of the games against Colorado State University, there was one DUI in 2016, four in 2015, and one in 2014.

“Certainly, the potential is there, just because of the nature of the travel in between Fort Collins, (Colo.), and Laramie,” he said. “Statistically I don’t think that we have that many more DUIs on game day and I think a lot of that is attributed to the heavy law enforcement presence out there.”

An increased law enforcement presence could also help prevent other crimes. Albany County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jeff Beeston said there is potential for criminal activity whenever a large amount of people gather, such as everyone coming to Laramie for the football game.

“Anytime you get a large number of people together you also have the added potential for someone to either intentionally or unintentionally break the law,” Beeston said. “There are going to be boisterous people — who for one reason or another — sometimes feel the need to engage in other people who have varying view points on who should win and how the game went.”

He said the sheriff’s office would not be participating in the Border War DUI enforcement as much as other agencies but deputies would still be patrolling the streets and help out at the game as they typically do.

“We will have our normal staffing on the street and then we will have several deputies assigned to the game,” Beeston said. “I don’t believe that we have any assigned directly to (the enforcement), we will have our normal staffing for the day to respond to all calls in the county.”

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