Beitel Elementary School PTA is hosting an unlimited pancake breakfast from 8-10 a.m. today at Applebee’s Bar and Grill, 3209 Grand Ave., to raise money for fourth-grade students to attend the Teton Science School in Jackson in April for four days of science education through nature.

PTA representative Hillary Uton said people who come and participate in the event are served unlimited pancakes, bacon and a drink of their choice by the students.

“Short Stacks for a Tall Cause is a fundraiser where we partner with Applebee’s, we sell tickets for a (unlimited) pancake breakfast,” Uton said. “The fourth-graders actually get to seat people that come to the fundraiser, take their drink orders and bring them their drinks and their pancakes.”

She said money raised from Saturday’s fundraiser would be added to funding the PTA received from another event hosted in September to help reach their goal of $14,300, which is the cost of sending 44 students to the school.

“In September, we did a relay and adventure race that we call Race to the Tetons,” Uton said. “(It) costs about $325 to send a kid to the camp, so we have quite a bit of money we have to fundraise every year.”

The fundraiser is also a learning experience for the students because they are involved with selling the tickets for the event and participating as a server for the guests to have an understanding of how much money they need to raise, she said.

“One thing that we have been adamant about is the fourth-graders need to have a little skin in the game,” Uton said. “This is a good way for them to sell tickets to their neighbors, family and friends but to serve and realize how much it costs.”

Fourth-grade teacher Beth Clingman said having Beitel classes participate in the Teton Science School was a dream for her and fellow fourth grade teacher Crystal Graf for several years and the school started going after parents got involved. She said when her previous students went to the science school, they learned about biology, geology and ecology in a unique environment to strengthen their learning.

“One time we got to experience the swans, they were doing some studies on swans because there were not enough swans coming back after migrating,” Clingman said. “We talked about the importance of how the beavers build dams and causes water to back up, which increases riparianism and the importance of how many animals are affected by it.”

Fifth-grader Karlie McDonald said she had an amazing time at the science school and learned a lot about the environment and how it is affected by geologic forces and by people.

“I enjoyed it because we got to learn a little bit more about outside because most of the stuff we got to do was out in the field,” Karlie said. “I didn’t know exactly how some canyons and rivers were made and that helped me understand it better.”

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Our Beitel 4th graders made just over $1,250 at this fundraiser. Thank you to everyone who supported them as they earn funds for an important, educational experience at Teton Science School! It will be an experience they remember forever. They get hands-on, real experience in the outdoor beauty of Wyoming. We appreciate the Boomerang's article and all those who came to support out students!

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