The University of Wyoming’s presidential search committee took the next step toward selecting a candidate — finishing a presidential profile.

After about a dozen public meetings beginning in the summer, the committee and search firm consultant Alberto Pimentel from Storbeck/Pimentel integrated public comments into the document to be shown to prospective candidates, said Trustee Michelle Sullivan, committee member.

“It’s a piece to really showcase what we’re looking for, but also show what the potential is for the university,” she said.

The profile is broken into sections: a UW mission statement and profile, the university’s setting, opportunities and challenges and what’s expected from the next president. Each of these are broken down in the 16-page document along with photos that best show what UW is all about.

Some important characteristics of UW and a new president were repeated at many of the meetings, Sullivan said.

“There were some consistent themes that were reflected both in the first series of the meetings and also when we hosted the public events,” she said.

“It showed consistency across stakeholders — common interests in terms of what the profile should look like.”

The ability to lead was one of the qualities many stated a new president should have, Sullivan said, and it is represented in several parts of the profile.

“There is this idea of really being able to develop a comprehensive vision for the university, then to be able to share that vision and help people understand their place in that vision,” she said.

While many people brought forward those themes, Trustee Jeff Marsh, chairman of the committee, said nearly all of the public suggestions were already integrated into the draft profile.

“There were minor revisions,” he said. “A couple elements in there (Pimentel) heard that needed to be addressed and highlighted and some degree, but nothing substantive.”

Marsh said the 16-page document is important as a whole — no one piece is more significant than another.

“You’ve got to paint with a broad brush, but you want to make them aware that there are a couple key elements that are really critical here,” he said.

The search firm is already accepting applications and nomination and will continue until the position is filled, the final page states. A curriculum vitae, similar to a résumé, a letter describing experience and interest and three professional references are required.

People submitting a nomination letter should include the person’s name, position, address and phone number. The profile explains applications “… will remain confidential until the selection of the finalists, whose names and application materials will be made public.”

The next major milestone in the presidential search is the passing of about 10-15 solid candidates to the second search committee for review, possibly by the end of the month, depending on the pool of candidates.

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