Albany County School District No. 1 recently posted results of a school quality survey conducted in October to see what students, teachers and parents think about the schools.

The survey asked about several topics such as providing academic support, family involvement and safety and behavior, to determine the overall school quality for the district.

ACSD No. 1 superintendent Jubal Yennie said the survey shows a majority of students rated the overall quality of their school as excellent and participants from all three groups agreed that there is a teacher, councilor, or other staff member to whom a student can go for to help with a school problem.

“The thing is we are able to do a comparison between last year’s results and this year’s results in terms of not only the number of folks who complete the survey, but if the responses changed to any degree,” Yennie said. “I have asked them to take a look at (the results) and be able to put some plans in place in terms of some areas that have been identified.”

ACSD No. 1 Board of Education Trustee Dona Coffey said one positive development was more staff members participated in the survey than they did in the previous one.

“I was by-and-large pleased because I don’t consider one or two points in either way much of anything,” Coffey said.

“Some of the numbers were negative but they were slightly negative, but I was happy to see an uptick in the number of our staff who took it.”

Yennie said one problem the school district had in the previous survey and apparently again is a lack of input from high school students. In the previous survey, about 65 percent of students who took the submitted the surveys were in middle school. That number grew to 98 percent in the most recent study.

“It gets to be a real issue about these surveys,” Yennie said. “I want to look at some instruments for next fall and there must be some other ways to engage the high school to get some information from the high school.”

Go to for more information about the results of the survey.

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