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Laramie’s City Manager Janine Jordan is slated for a contract renewal today, but members of the public might not have an opportunity to comment on the Laramie City Council agenda item.

The contract is currently listed on the consent agenda, a City Council practice that groups routine business and reports into one agenda item. The items listed in the consent agenda are typically pre-agreed upon topics, which do not spark much discussion among councilors, and they are often approved without providing the public an opportunity to speak about the individual items.

The items, however, can be moved from the consent agenda to the regular agenda upon councilor request.

Mayor Andi Summerville was not available for comment by press time Monday.

Newly appointed Councilor Phoebe Stoner said she was unfamiliar with the process, but said because the councilors discuss personnel issues in executive sessions, city staff might not have predicted much discussion during today’s regular meeting.

“My understanding is that we have talked through her contract in executive session and it’s considered embedded,” Stoner said. “I think, on a conceptual level, any employee of the city essentially works under the council, who works under the public. I could understand why there could be public comment. But being new, I don’t know how it’s worked in the past, so I could be missing some context.”

Councilor Dave Paulekas said the contract was likely put on the consent agenda because there are no financial changes from Jordan’s previous contract.

“I think it’s on the consent agenda because it’s a renewal of her current contract,” Paulekas said. “It’s an ongoing contract. The only reason this contract has come forward is to renew some of the wording.”

As a caveat, he explained he was not part of the decision to add the item the consent agenda.

“I don’t put items on the consent agenda — the mayor has that power,” Paulekas said. “So I am speculating as to why it’s there. Do I object to it being there? No.”

Councilor Joe Shumway said he wasn’t sure the contract belonged on the consent agenda.

“I think I’m going to ask for it to come back on the regular agenda,” Shumway said. “Not because I have any issues with it, but because I think we need to give the public a chance to comment.”

The contract states Jordan would earn $131,942 annually with a $10,000 annual retention benefit, $500 monthly vehicle allowance and a $9,000 annual match contribution for her personal retirement account.

Jordan was originally contracted as city manager in 2008, and her contract has been amended in 2011, 2013, and 2016.

The city manager is one of three positions — city manager, municipal court judge and city attorney — directly hired and supervised by the City Council.

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Ernest Bass

Quid pro quo: Vote to increase Janine’s massive salary and the city council receives a colossal “travel and training” budget in return. It’s a done deal – no need for input by “the public.” Who cares what they think anyhow?


You are right, they do what they want not what we want, Tim Hale gave a good speech on what they have taken away from us .

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