Preparing for a transition

Adjusting to Laramie High School after several years at Laramie Middle School can be a challenge for some students and parents. To help make the transition easier, LHS is hosting a Class of 2022 Informational Night at 7 p.m. Monday in the LHS theatre, 1710 Boulder Drive.

At the informational night, students coming into the high school in the next school year and their parents will learn about different classes the students will have to take, LHS counselor Debbie Bastian said. She said teachers would be at the meeting to answer questions parents or students might have about coming to the school.

“We will talk about the classes that the ninth-grade cohort takes every year and the electives that might be available to them, depending on their schedules,” she said.

Bastian said the counseling office offers a curriculum guide at for parents and students to see what classes students are required to take and what their options for electives are.

“All that information is available in our curriculum guide and that is online on the LHS website, under the counseling link,” she said. “That way parents are able to get a description of the classes because the curriculum guide gives a description of each class and what grade levels can take them.”

According to information provided by Albany County School District No. 1, the talk will also cover graduation requirements and Hathaway requirements.

When the students enter high school, they have more responsibilities and control over their education, which can be intimidating for students, Laramie Middle School Principal Kevin O’Dea said.

“The transition from eighth grade to high school is always a major one, and it is exciting but it can also be scary,” O’Dea said. “You have a lot more of a driver seat in your high school experience as a student and you need to take a role in thinking about what your plans are for after high school, thinking about what classes you’re going to take and what experiences should you engage in.”

Even though the transition to a new school can be difficult, O’Dea said their goal is to help students prepare for the change, he said.

“We have a great high school, our students are very fortunate to be a part of that and it is going to be an exciting experience for them,” O’Dea said. “We always want middle school to be the best three years you never want to do again, not because you had any issues, but you are excited to go on to high school and your path after that.”

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