Laramie men plead guilty to conspiracy to commit robbery

Keelan Noel and Anthony Rasmussen pleaded guilty Wednesday in Albany County District Court to a count of conspiracy to commit robbery related to a May 21 robbery at Kiwanis Park.

Noel and Rasmussen were each charged with one count of conspiracy to commit robbery and one count of robbery. Each charge has a 10-year maximum prison sentence. District Court Judge Tori Kricken said at their July 3 District Court arraignments the two charges merge together, reducing the maximum sentence.

“When the charges are added together the sentence is not 20 years, the charges merge together and would only be for 10 years,” Kricken said.

The defendants changed their pleas for the first charge — conspiracy to commit robbery, because of a plea deal which could have their robbery charges dismissed.

“If the defendant pleads guilty, the state would recommend dismissing the robbery charge during sentencing,” she said.

Kricken said she would take the plea deal under consideration but she needs to consider all the options before sentencing.

On May 21, Noel and Rasmussen allegedly lured the victim into a bathroom at Kiwanis Park, who they said owed Austin Holaday and a juvenile money. Holaday and the juvenile were also involved in the robbery. Once the victim was in the bathroom, all four defendants attacked, hitting the victim multiple times, court documents state.

Court documents state, the victim escaped the bathroom and tried to run away from the assailants but was caught and repeatedly hit and kicked. $90 and an iPhone was taken from the victim’s pockets during the attack. After the alleged robbery, the victim said he went to a friend’s house, to have someone call 911 and called his mother and girlfriend, court documents state.

A Laramie Police Department officer was dispatched to the victim’s location where they were informed about the attack, court documents state.

The officer said the assailants were proud of what happened, they said the victim deserved it and that “if we ever saw him on the street, we would do it again,” court documents state.

Noel’s and Rasmussen’s District Court sentencing would take place 80-90 days after their change of plea.

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