The Pop Up Paint Party — an idea brought to life by local artist Lisa Sherrodd — is not new, but its permanent studio space is.

Laramie residents are invited to see the new Paint Party Shop — and make some art of their own — during a guided paint session tonight.

Sherrodd — sometimes affectionately referred to as The Paint Lady — said non-painters are welcome, and need not fear their lack of experience.

“It’s really, really easy,” she said. “You absolutely do not have to be an artist. I can help anybody paint anything. And I’m really fun and funny and tell silly jokes. We make sure it’s really relaxing. It’s a no-stress zone.”

Today’s event involves painting a pallet — a functional kind of “pop up” art which can be used for decoration in the home or yard.

“We’re painting on real wooden pallets,” Sherrodd said. “I walk them through, step-by-step, how to do the painting we have set up for that night.

“So, the one we’re doing Friday is a snowman and it says, “Let it snow,” but the kind of cool thing about it is you can customize it however you want.”

She added the painters are welcome to switch up the painting or alter the phrase on their pallet as long as they’re having a good time.

“It’s just super duper fun for people,” Sherrodd said. “We play music and we laugh and have a really good time and everybody is usually having a really great time by the time we get done.”

Sherrodd will provide snacks and said people are invited to bring their own wine or beer to foster a “sip-and-paint” feel. Interested individuals can sign up through Sherrodd’s website,

“We do take walk-ins if we have space available,” she said. “Sign-ups are guaranteed a space, but if we have extras and somebody is walking by and they want to join in, they can.”

The Pop Up Paint Party has hosted — and continues to host — events in different locations, such as the Library Sports Grille and Brewery and the VFW. In addition to pallet-painting, Sherrodd also hosts events featuring canvas-painting or stencil-painting on wood signs. She said she moved into the new space on Third Street to more easily host all kinds of events.

“I rented the space beginning of December so we can do private parties more easily and we’re going to expand into a lot of cool things,” she said.

Sherrodd keeps a full calendar — accessible on her website — and plans to add even more future events, such as beer mug-painting before St. Patrick’s Day.

Not even 24 hours after the Snowman Pallet Party, Sherrodd is hosting a Pet Portrait Party.

“You have to sign up for this one in advance,” she said. “You send me a picture of your pet and I kind of break it down on canvas as a kind of paint by numbers and then I help you paint that — a portrait of your own pet that you can take home by the end of the paint party.”

Sherrodd reiterated that everyone should feel welcome to take part in the guided paint party today — and feel encouraged to set aside their fears.

“Painting makes so many people really nervous,” she said. “Everyone says, ‘I’m not an artist — I can’t do it.’ I can help anybody of any artistic ability paint this particular painting. I take it step by step and we go at your own pace and we make sure you’re comfortable and if you want me to, I’ll even paint on your painting so it turns out exactly the way you want it too.”

The Snowman Pallet Paint Party runs 7-9 p.m. today in the Paint Party Shop, 217 S. Third St. The ticket price of $45 includes the pallet, which participants bring home at the end of the night. Go to for more information.

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