The Gem City Art Team — a local artist collective with studio space in the Laramie Plains Civic Center — is inviting the public into its world Saturday for a holiday-themed open house and art sale. The event will introduce the outside world to the six artists who make up the collective, said June Glasson, one of those artists.

“For one day, we’re going to invite the public to come into our studios and see what we’re working on and different projects we have planned for the coming year,” she said. “There will be artwork on display. There will be some for sale. There will be some merchandise from the Wyoming Art Party. There will also be some live music.”

Glasson added the studio space will use the same principles as the Pop-Up Art Walk, which is organized annually by the Wyoming Art Party — another group Glasson belongs to.

“We really do employ that idea of turning spaces temporarily into art galleries or spaces for events,” she said. “So, it’s kind of using that pop-up model in the space we have.”

Members of the Gem City Art Team are partnering with their neighbors in the civic center, 7th Street Studio, to put on the event. The stuido, which focuses on pottery, will also invite the public into its space, said Kim Mittelstadt, the studio’s wheel instructor.

“It’s really just a great way to bring new people who haven’t seen this aspect of the civic center into this space to see the 7th Street Studio as well as the other artists,” she said. “We’re doing open studio for both our students and anyone who wants to join from the public. For $10, you can join in making stuff. It’s $20 for a bag of clay, which you get to keep.”

Also an administrative assistant for the civic center, Mittelstadt said the center is home to many organizations and artists the public might not know about.

“We’re interested in getting people from the community to come into this space to support local artists and to hopefully get involved in what we’re all doing here, since we’ve got a lot of different stuff going on between all the different groups that are here.”

Both the Gem City Art Team studio and the 7th Street Studio occupy repurposed space in a building that predates the University of Wyoming.

Mittelstadt and Glasson said visitors will get to see a little of that history during the event Saturday.

“(The studio) used to be the old boys gym locker room,” she said. “When you come, you’ll kind of see where the lockers used to be. What is now the wheel room used to be the head coach’s office, so you’ll see the old cubbies he used to have football memorabilia.”

The open house and art show are from 1-4 p.m. Saturday on the first floor of the Laramie Plains Civic Center, 710 Garfield St.

The event is free, though the artists will have art and pottery for sale. Search Holiday Open House & Art Sale/Party on Facebook for more information.

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