Looking at the options

The Albany County Commission discussed a funding option where a committee would look for funding such as grants, gifts, and allocations from organizations in case the county decides Tuesday to purchase more than 5,500 acres of land extending from Laramie to Medicine Bow National Forest for $14 million from Warren Livestock.

Albany County Commission Chairman Tim Chesnut said commissioners are trying to put together funding plans and schedules for the purchase if it is approved when they vote on the offer Tuesday.

“We are trying to put together a funding plan, a funding structure and we will move forward after, if that decision is made,” Chesnut said.

According to the Oversight Committee Resolution, a Funding Oversight Committee would help the county find grants, gifts and or appropriations from foundations or nonprofits, private businesses, organizations or individuals and public agencies to use in the purchase.

The committee would be composed of a trustee from the University of Wyoming Board of Trustees, a Laramie city councilor, a county commissioner, an Albany County representative from both the Wyoming State House and Senate, a member from the Laramie Rivers Conservation District and a community member, documents state.

To assist the oversight committee, three subcommittees would focus on one of three areas — economic development, recreation activities and aquifer protection — to provide the oversight committee with necessary information, document states.

Chesnut said the board is making progress and with the contract now finalized the commission will vote for whether it will accept Warren Livestock’s offer, and hopes the public will attend the meeting and voice their opinions of the purchase.

“We are moving forward,” he said. “We’re going to make a decision on Tuesday — either yes or no — and I hope that if the public is interested in attending, please attend our meeting on Tuesday to give any input we have before that decision is made.”

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