The Albany County Commission on Tuesday approved a $14 million purchase of more than 5,500 acres of land connecting Laramie to the Medicine Bow National Forest. With the commission’s decision, the county now has one year to find $14 million to pay for the land, Albany County Attorney Peggy Trent said.

“The purchase agreement allots you one year to find the funding — $14 million — for the purchase of the land,” she said. “We bring forward to you at this time a suggestive way to fund and go forward to seek out funding for the purchase of this property.”

Albany County Commissioner Heber Richardson said he received several calls from legislators for Albany County in support of purchasing the land and they will do anything they can to help the county obtain the property.

“Our entire State Legislature delegation supports this action and will work to help us in any way they can,” Richardson said. 

Check Wednesday’s coverage for more on this story.  

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Silence Dogood

This result was never really in doubt from the moment the potential sale was proposed. It's interesting that the seller seems to have put lots of restrictions on the future use of the land into the agreement. The future will show whether this was a wise move for the county and residents. What could possibly go wrong in a deal like this?


"$14M...$14M....let's see... Now where did we put that money? Hmmm....."

Ernest Bass

The county is going to spend a whopping $14 million so a few local hipsters can ride their bikes from their Laramie homes to the national forest – how smart is that? Removing 5,5000 acres from the county tax roll during hard economic times – how smart is that?

But, wait. “Our entire State Legislature delegation supports this action…” That changes everything. Brilliant move, commissioners! Now go find another $14 million for your proposed youth sports complex.

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