Asking Santa to grant wishes

The Chi Omega sorority is hosting its Believing at 7220 fundraiser from 4-8 p.m. Friday at the Chi Omega house, 1630 Sorority Row. The fundraiser will help the Make-A-Wish Foundation grant children’s wishes, by writing thousands of letters to Santa.

Chi Omega President Cierra Winslow said for the past several weeks, members of her sorority have been at the Wyoming Union and at Washakie Dinning Center having people write letters leading to the event on Friday. Each letter to Santa the sorority collects is sent to Macy’s and the more letters they send, the more money is donated to Make-A-Wish, she said.

“For every letter that is written, Macy’s donates a dollar, so we send it all in to Macy’s and they will write a check and donate it to Make-A-Wish.” Winslow said. “It is really special that people can give so much and not have to pay a penny out of pocket.”

At the event, participants would have opportunities to write letters and enjoy other activities going on in the house, Philanthropic Chair Morgan O’Connor said.

“We have tables set up everywhere with paper so people can just come in and listen to some holiday music, watch a movie, play games, and just write letters to Santa,” O’Connor said. “By the end of the night we get to do a big reveal of over the month and at the actual event, how many letters we have raised.”

She said for the three years the sorority hosted the event, the number of letters they sent to Macy’s increased, and in 2016, they sent more than 60,000 letters gathered from the month before and during the event.

“I think we are just over 7,000 letters, then we have about six Wyoming schools and two Colorado schools that are actually partnering with us to also write letters,” O’Connor said. “With all of those combined we are around 20,000 (as of Monday).”

Throughout Wyoming and the nation, the funds have been used to help make the wishes of children with a life-threatening illness come true, but there are still more they hope to help, she said.

“There was one a couple of months ago in Cheyenne where a little girl asked for a tree house, or the first wish here in Wyoming was a little boy wished for a BMX bike,” O’Connor said. “There are actually four kids here in Laramie that are waiting and they are about to, hopefully, have their wishes granted within the year.”

According to information provided by the Make-A-Wish Foundation, children ages of 2½-18 being treated for a life-threatening medical condition can be referred for eligibility for a wish.

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