Looking for a new home

During the public meeting portion of the Albany County Commission meeting Dec. 5, Albany County Fire District No. 1 Chairman Art Sigel asked the commission for assistance in finding a site for a new Central Volunteer Fire Department fire station slated to be built south of Laramie.

“Our next major step is to build and own a significant fire station to house the central fire department,” Sigel said. “There are a lot more people in the central area, more homes and structures and it is fundamentally our responsibility to serve those residences. In order to do that we need a permanent station.”

The fire department’s new station could house 5-6 fire engines for response to central area fires, which could change in type depending on how the area develops, he said.

“It isn’t a precise thing, (the station) will develop as the community develops, and we see the kind of calls we get,” Sigel said.

“We need two structure engines. We have a 4,000-gallon water tender, and depending on how the area grows, we might need a second water tender. And then, we would have probably at least two wild-land engines for grass fires.”

He said having a permanent fire station would help the fire department better respond to fires in the approximately 1,000 square miles along Albany County’s central fire district and assist other firefighting agencies.

“For years, the district has relied on the city of Laramie to respond in this central area with the assistance of our outlying departments,” Sigel said. “The central area is far-and-away the fastest growing area in the entire county, Laramie included.”

Albany County Commission Chairman Tim Chesnut said the County Commission and the fire district would meet in January to discuss possible sites for the department to build the new station.

“I got the chance to talk with Art a little bit about this,” Chesnut said. “I am thinking this would probably be something we would want a work session on to talk about available land.”

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This should be paid for by the County residents that it serves. This needs to be part of a property tax assement. In no way should funding be provided by Albany County residents living in the City. Too often the Commissioners forget that over 80% of its tax payers live in the city of Laramie. More funding needs to be spent in the City by the County to benefit the people who pay taxes and property taxes.

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