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With construction underway on the Pole Mountain Pharmacy, Laramie residents could have another local option for filling prescriptions soon.

Laramie Planning Division Principal Planner Charles Bloom said Cowboy Properties submitted a site plan in July for a new pharmacy at 319 Harney St.

With construction getting underway earlier this year, Bloom said Pole Mountain Pharmacy was the second phase of development for Cowboy Properties.

“There used to be a laundromat next door to where the pharmacy is going,” he said. “Phase (No.) 1 of the development was converting the old laundromat into office space. Phase (No.) 2 is the pharmacy.”

A representative for Cowboy Properties did not return requests for comment.

Aaron Tomisich, an attorney representing the pharmacy, said the owners were not ready to comment about opening the business. However, he said he was authorized to say the goal for opening the pharmacy is spring 2018.

The new building is slated to be about 2,500-square-feet with a customer entrance facing Fourth Street, city documents state.

The site plan states the developers will comply with Laramie Municipal Code landscaping requirements by planting three trees along the Harney-Street-side of the property and two trees along Fourth Street. Several juniper bush features and a large lawnscape were also listed to be added during the development phase, city documents state.

The developers are also slated to add nine parking spaces on the property, Bloom said.

“That area is zoned B2, which is business,” Bloom said. “Developers can build gas stations, pharmacies, restaurants and car washes there. This zone is a little more open than B1, which is a limited business zone.”

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