The search for a new University of Wyoming president is underway, and plans are being created to figure out how to get a new president ready to lead for the coming years.

UW President Dick McGinity, a new trustee transition committee, comprised of committee chairs, and UW vice presidents will help create a transition plan for the new president.

“In one sense, it will look like a notebook, and in the notebook there will be a whole range of topics,” Trustee President Dave Palmerlee said. “A good example is Trustee True and financial management. There will be materials about the committee, what the committee has been doing and where it intends to go.”

A new UW president should have knowledge of the university and people, but the transition plan will go in-depth on important functions and relationships, McGinity said.

“A possible list of categories to be addressed — information to be gathered and information we’d transmit to the new president — would have to do with constituencies, for one,” he said. “Wyoming is a very unique place. There are a number of constituencies across the state. They are all actively involved in what goes on here.”

A description of normal university operations is also needed in the plan, McGinity said, along with current state government and legislative affairs.

“He or she should know all the key players — certainly the governor, members of the governor’s staff, key legislators,” he said. “It’s that whole set of relationships that need to go on.”

The university’s budget and finance system should also be described, as well as the plan to replace it with a new system integrated to all colleges, McGinity said.

Meeting each trustee individually is also a top priority.

Trustee Dave True said a category dedicated to the several ongoing initiatives at UW should be included in the transition plan.

“(Initiatives) have become such a critical part of this institution and certainly a focus of this body that it may be appropriate to have it as its own body,” he said.

In addition to listing important information a new UW president should know, a timetable will be included, Palmerlee said.

“Sequencing is very important — when you get someone knew appointed, there’s a rush to go talk to the new president or the new senator,” he said. “You try and use this transition plan to manage that and help the president manage that to eliminate part of the chaos associated with someone coming to a new position.”

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