The University of Wyoming Faculty Senate began its first meeting Monday with a list of goals to be addressed during the upcoming school year.

Faculty Senate Chair Tucker Readdy reminded 65 Senate members of the importance of their posts and what is expected of them, followed by his priorities for the upcoming year. The presidential search, a topic on many faculty members’ minds, topped the list.

“(We need) to have continued, meaningful engagement with the presidential search,” he said. “Anytime there’s an opportunity to have feedback, whether its initial feedback, whether we have special Faculty Senate meetings to meet the candidates on campus, whether we have special opportunity to provide our thoughts on the candidates.”

Brian Schueler, president of the Associated Students of the University of Wyoming, also spoke about the presidential search.

“ASUW student government is very involved and wants to be continually involved in this process,” he said. “Hopefully, this is a process that will affect the University of Wyoming for years to come.”

Schueler said ASUW will look at Faculty Senate topics and agenda items before they appear at senate meetings to help ensure their input is heard by the faculty.

“I want ASUW to look at decisions being made and provide our vision first so that we can have an actual say in the decisions being made rather than having decisions be made and deciding whether or not we like them,” he said.

Other items he shared include student email privacy and plus-minus grading.

“This is a unique opportunity that we will be able to have as rep of the students to look at the public records law and how it affects student email,” Schueler said about email privacy. “(State) representatives have invited us to help write the legislation that would go before the State Legislature. This is an issue that is only going to become more and more important as digital privacy issues become larger and larger.”

UW Staff Senate President Arron Sullivent also stood before the Faculty Senate, again echoing other’s interest and continued involvement in the presidential search.

“The main thing we’re looking at doing is working with Faculty Senate in the presidential search,” he said. “That affects us so greatly.”

Currently all three groups are represented in the presidential search — two faculty members, two staff members and two students sit on the presidential search committee.

A dedicated UW graduate school was another of Readdy’s second priority.

“The second priority is to make some measureable steps to reestablishing the graduate school,” he said. “At the end of last year, we passed a resolution to support that.”

Salaries were also addressed by Readdy, who stated a study about faculty salary compression is needed.

“We hear a lot about (salary being) compressed,” he said. “We don’t hear any numbers about how compressed we are. Without those numbers, we won’t be able to have a meaningful impact on making progress to getting that.”

The next Faculty Senate meeting is scheduled for 3:10 p.m. Sept. 28.

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