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The Albany County Sheriff’s Office is working with the sheriff’s offices in Platte and Converse counties to create a new or updated official nonbinding agreement to assist in responding to calls in far-flung corners of their counties, Albany County Undersheriff Josh DeBree said.

“I have been wanting to get a new and updated memorandum of understanding between Sheriff (Clint) Becker in Converse County and Sheriff (Clyde) Harris in Platte County (to assist with responding to calls in their counties),” DeBree said.

Law enforcement agencies from other counties such as Platte and Converse have assisted with calls in Albany County when they can arrive on the scene more quickly. Albany County deputies could also respond to calls outside of the county to help their law enforcement, DeBree said.

“Historically, we have asked for that assistance and they come across to our county to help,” he said. “Basically, they secure the scene and make sure everything is safe for our arrival, to do our investigation.”

DeBree said having law enforcement agencies from other counties respond to calls in Albany County is beneficial because there are times when a deputy from another county is closer to a call than an Albany County deputy might be.

“Oftentimes — just due to the size of our counties — we could be closer to a call in their county, or they could be significantly closer to a call in our county,” he said. “I think in the future you might see more counties requesting this.”

Albany County Commission Chairman Tim Chesnut said the Albany County Sheriff’s Office is working to update their extraterritorial assistance agreements with other neighboring counties in Wyoming and Colorado.

“I was talking with Sheriff (Dave) O’Malley last week and he said he is working on one with Laramie County and Larimer County (Colorado),” Chesnut said. “He also said Jackson (County Colorado) is not as big of a deal because the border is in a national forest and we already have agreements there.”

Most of the time when deputies from Platte County assist in Albany County, they are not assisting in any particular area but rather they are assisting with search-and-rescue efforts and helping people stuck in the snow, Harris said.

“They are not particularly criminal calls, it is mostly searches or looking for lost people,” he said. “I had a deputy go up, I think it was a year ago, up on the Medicine Bow Ranch — it was closer for us to go up and see if we could find people.”

Because Converse County is close to areas such as Laramie Peak and Friend Park, their deputies can respond to calls there faster than Albany County deputies, Becker said.

“Friend Park seems to be an area we often assist with because there are a lot of hikers there and in the Laramie Peak area,” he said.

“It takes (Albany County deputies) a long time to get up there unless they have someone up there working that north country.”

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