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Clear to me

The quality of the audio and visual is poor as is the sculpture. The artist narrative the portions that can be heard are rambling and make little sense again reflecting the disorganized heap that is his piece. The sculpture is difficult to interpret as anything but chaos.
My interpretation is that had it been painted white it could be titled white trash. It is a heap of confusion with no recocognizable symbolism or redeeming feature. If it had been a gift, It would be easier to bite one's tongue but it seems to have been paid for with the citizen's money.
I see it as an insult. A pile of trash in front of the court house to highlight the stupidity of those who run the show. A monument to the utter waste of taxpayers dollars.
Its not noble or majestic or reverant. Its not inspiring or thought provoking, delightful or the least bit asthetic.
I am in favor of supporting the arts and artists but bad sculptre should not adorn our court house.

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