Ruthanna Lentz

Ruthanna Lentz was born Aug. 10, 1918, in St. Joseph, Missouri. She had a desire to become a teacher from a very early age. As a teenager, she played the saxophone in a dance band and the piano in church. She graduated from a state teacher’s college in Northwest Missouri in 1938. She taught in Forest City, Missouri, for five years.

She married Ernest Lentz on July 6, 1940. She was one of the first married teachers to teach in Northwest Missouri. They moved to Wyoming in 1941, where Ernest went to work for the Union Pacific Railroad. Ruthanna taught at the Tie Siding country school for three years, which she loved very much.

They bought a small ranch southwest of Laramie in 1951. They had three children, Blake, Blaine and Jane. Ruthanna was very busy working on the ranch and raising their family. She was very active in PTA while her children were in elementary school.

She and Ernest moved to Cheyenne in 1973 after the railroad terminal moved from Laramie to Cheyenne. They enjoyed traveling and hunting in their retirement years. After Ernest’s death in 1990, Ruthanna became very active volunteering at the local nursing homes and assisted living facilities in Cheyenne. She gave devotionals, played music and provided refreshments for the residents. She loved her work volunteering very dearly. She has always had a very deep Christian faith and loved to share it with people.

She has lived through a lot of history in her 100 years of life. One of the most outstanding parts of history to her is World War II and the impact it had on people’s lives.

Ruthanna now resides in Laramie to be near her family.

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