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Lorene Sims and Robert Brooks are planning a wedding celebration for 4:30 p.m. Saturday, July 1 at the LDS Church, 3311 Hayford Ave. A reception will follow at the Quadra Dangle Square Dance Club, 3905 Grays Gable Road. Locals, please bring a dish to share in lieu of a gift and come as you are.

McFadden residents Maxine and Gerald LeBeau plan to celebrate 60 years of marriage June 25 at a reception in Laramie.

ACSD No. 1 hosting new logo contest

The North Park School District of Walden, CO is accepting bid proposals for a sound system upgrade in the North Park Gymnasium. We need a new system including a new mixing board, new wireless mics, and wireless control of volume. We are currently interested in keeping the current speakers an…

Wyoming State Statute requires that each city or town publish in January and July of each year, separately from the minutes, the name, position and monthly salary of each administrative official, assistant administrative official and department head, including elected officials.

To whom it may concern: Thao Thu Thi Vu, on behalf of her child Baby Girl Vu, petitioned the District Court for Second Judicial District Court in Albany County, State of Wyoming to change the name of her daughter to Therese Phuoc Maria Phan. All parties opposed to this petition should file n…